Why Clarke Is So Unlikable inside the a hundred (& Why it actually works)

Clarke was a simple character to hate inside the a hundred as a consequence of her horrible willpower and actions, however that was in the end your full level of the current.

regardless of being the central protagonist in The a hundred, Clarke Griffin tends to be a reasonably unlikable character—however this assists with the collection’ themes. She isn’t morally evil and does not exit of her method to do dangerous issues like amongst the numerous much less-than-lovable characters, however she has a extreme extreme quality that rubs audiences the unsuitable means. This has tons to do collectively with her management mannequin and the obligation it contains, and is the final phrase purpose why she was unnoticed of transcendence inside the finale of The a hundred.


When The a hundred started, Clarke was one in every of many few accountable members of the one hundred and one kids and youngsters despatched to Earth to get your hands on out its survivability. Her perseverance in establishing a society with guidelines and administration brought about her to butt heads with the likes of The a hundred’s Bellamy Blake and John Murphy and made her appear to be the “princess” everyone referred to her as. nonetheless, when freedom started to get uncontrolled, everyone accepted her management. nonetheless, the alternate options that she was compelled to make for everyone’s survival continued to level out her in a destructive mild. Her actions might have been needed, however they made her infuriating as a persona.

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Clarke Is The moral Compass Of The a hundred (For greater Or Worse)

The 100 Season 3 Finale Clarke (1)

in the end, Clarke’s low popularity is the occupational hazard of management. at the same time as quickly as the adults bought here to Earth, Clarke had already established herself as a consequence of the prime of the sky people inside the eyes of the Grounders. This meant the most interesting means forward for Skaikru depended solely on her, and given the extreme stakes of surviving a submit-apocalyptic world, she was by no means going to please everyone. Clarke’s selections in The a hundred killed people, so she was sure to ruffle some feathers.

After a whereas, everyone started searching for to Clarke to make the laborious selections since she proved time and time as quickly as extra that she was eager to do no matter it took. This meant that she was the moral compass of the collection, however that is to not say that every little thing she did was morally acceptable. Clarke was incessantly and unenviably caught between a rock and a strong place. it does not matter what she chosen, her people—and audiences—have been going to hate her for it. Killing Finn, the Mountain males, Bellamy—none of it did properly to earn her popularity factors.

Clarke Did horrible issues however nonetheless Acted Morally Superior

The 100 Season 6 Clarke Mind Wipe

in point of fact, Clarke wasn’t the one one in The a hundred to make unimaginable selections and damage others consequently. in exact actuality, she wasn’t even the worst. nonetheless, whereas characters like Bellamy demonstrated good remorse for his or her actions and located redemption, Clarke may not afford this. She was responsible for retaining the human race alive, so she may not cease and really feel remorse. She stored transferring and handed judgment on the dangerous selections of others however by no means herself.

This made Clarke seem as if she believed that she was morally superior to everyone else. nonetheless, this was by no means the case. If Clarke allowed others to see that she condemned her previous actions, and even when she allowed herself to see them, she would lose everyone’s notion. So, regardless of how a lot guilt or ache Clarke felt by The a hundred season 7, she embraced her selections and moved on, making it seem that she was solely sound in her morality.

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Clarke’s The a hundred Season 7 Ending match Her Arc completely

The 100 Split Image Clarke Not Happy, Clarke In The Series Finale Learning Transcendence Is A Choice

inside the future, Clarke paid the value for her immoral actions—although survival wouldn’t have been potential with out them. If she had allowed invoice Cadogan to proceed the “Judgment Day” take a look at with the decide avatar, humanity would have absolutely failed, and their entirety would have been worn out. Clarke’s willpower to homicide Cadogan was morally unsuitable, nonetheless it was a needed evil to current her mates time to persuade everyone to place down their arms and show themselves worthy. The avatar granted people transcendence—all however Clarke, that is.

Murdering somebody whereas they have been inside the midst of taking the final phrase take a look at immediately disqualified Clarke from transcendence in The a hundred. This ending completely summarized every little thing of Clarke’s character arc. She made an evil however needed willpower that benefited all people who she liked, however that did not imply she may escape judgment. When she was left alone as a consequence of the one human in existence, she did what she always did: accepted her actions and moved on. fortuitously for her, a quantity of of her people from The a hundred chosen to take this punishment collectively with her as a consequence of they acknowledged the thankless work she had accomplished for therefore prolonged.

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