Star Wars Canon Hints The Darksaber Has A Secret weak point

in the course of the Clone Wars, there might have been hints a few secret Darksaber weak point the Mandalorian season three may broaden upon and clarify.

The Darksaber, the legendary lightsaber on the center of The Mandalorian, might have a secret weak point – one recognized to Palpatine and Darth Maul. launched in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Darksaber was regular means again by the Mandalorian-Jedi Tarre Vizsla. It turned the Mandalorians’ ancestral blade of management, passing from one chief to a distinct. It has now found its possibility to Din Djarin, who had no idea what it signified when he unwittingly bought here into possession of the Darksaber.


in maintaining with lore, the rightful proprietor of the Darksaber wins it by fight. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Darksaber was initially wielded by the demise Watch’s chief Pre Vizsla. His alliance with Darth Maul and his Shadow Collective ended poorly for the Mandalorians, with a Darksaber duel between Vizsla and Maul whereby the earlier Sith Apprentice triumphed. Maul claimed authority over Mandalore, by proper of possessing the Darksaber. Curiously, although, Maul’s personal time with the Darksaber hints the weapon may even be extra restricted than many think about.

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each Palpatine & Darth Maul chosen to not Use The Darksaber

Darth Maul With the Darksaber.

Surprisingly, Darth Maul solely used the Darksaber a handful of instances. After killing Vizsla, he then used it to homicide Duchess Satine Kryze. He then went on to make the most of his real lightsaber when he dueled Palpatine, nonetheless, solely drawing the Darksaber as a final resort after Palpatine killed his brother Savage. although Maul would finally recuperate the Darksaber in the course of the canon Son of Dathomir comic following his escape from Palpatine’s jail, on his return to Mandalore he used a modified mannequin of his basic lightsaber reasonably than the Darksaber. This was the blade Maul used in the direction of Ahsoka in Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7.

Even stranger, Maul created a mannequin-new lightsaber constituted of an Inquisitor’s blade in Star Wars Rebels current, maintaining the Darksaber as nothing elevated than a trophy earlier than Sabine Wren took it from his residence on Dathomir. As such, Maul solely ever used the blade performatively or in moments of good want and desperation. Even stranger, when Palpatine defeated Maul, he chosen to go away the Darksaber on Mandalore – the place it was recovered by Maul’s loyalists. that is odd, as a end result of Palpatine – on a daily basis vitality-hungry – may presumably be anticipated to declare the distinctive blade for himself. Given the Darksaber is Star Wars‘ solely black lightsaber, the Emperor would certainly have understood it made him absolute ruler of one other world.

What Did Palpatine & Maul Know (Or study) regarding the Darksaber?

Star Wars The Clone Wars Maul vs Palpatine Darksaber

it has been speculated that the Darksaber would possibly lend itself to the Sith as a darkish side weapon, particularly if it carries an obsidian crystal matching the properties of the extra conventional purple kyber utilized by the Sith Lords. nonetheless, Maul and Palpatine’s admittedly unusual habits surrounding the Darksaber implies they each knew one factor viewers at the second do not. For some set off, they each thought-about the Darksaber a weapon they might reasonably not use – as in the event that they have been aware of a weak point. it is recognized the Darksaber requires its wielder to commit and embrace its vitality to be wielded effectively, so maybe that stage of submission can’t be attained by a Sith Lord.

it is additionally attainable that wielding the Darksaber was merely met with distaste by Maul and Palpatine as a end result of it was created by a Mandalorian-Jedi. on the very least Maul definitely appeared to worth it extra as a methodology to discover authority on Mandalore reasonably than an exact weapon all by means of this period of the Star Wars timeline. Regardless, viewers will hopefully receive extra readability regarding the Darksaber when The Mandalorian season three begins streaming on March 1st.

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