Quantum Leap lastly Confirms one other Secret Leaper (however Why?)

NBC’s Quantum Leap relaunch has lastly confirmed there’s certainly but one extra leaper inside the timeline – and his id is a stunning twist.

this textual content material incorporates spoilers for Quantum Leap episode 12.

Quantum Leap episode 12 lastly confirms Raymond Lee’s Ben tune was certainly contacted by a secret leaper – and divulges his id. NBC’s Quantum Leap relaunch is a daring and culturally related reinvention of the traditional collection, adapting the commonplace episodic strategy and including a compelling overarching narrative. that is basically one factor of a thriller story, as a end result of the Quantum Leap staff try to know why Raymond Lee’s Ben tune stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator inside the predominant place.


Quantum Leap season 1’s midseason finale revealed Ben is definitely attempting to change the future, comparatively than the previous. He has someway realized of an impending tragedy involving his fiancée, Addison Augustin (performed by Caitlin Bassett), and Ben has realized the most acceptable various to time journey to the future to save tons of her life. it is usually appeared likely this information of future occasions obtained here from an interplay with a leaper from the future, although the id of this thriller leaper has remained unknown. Quantum Leap episode 12 lastly confirms this concept is right, and even reveals the id of the leaper.

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Quantum Leap’s thriller Leaper Is A Member Of The enterprise staff

Quantum Leap Ian

Quantum Leap episode 12 sees the enterprise boss, Ernie Hudson’s Herbert “Magic” Williams, effectively monitor down the woman who instructed Ben he wished to start leaping by means of time, Dottie (Shakina Nayfack). It would not take Magic prolonged to get your hands on out Dottie had been leaped into – it is an expertise he shared himself, given his personal life was saved years in the past by Sam Beckett. cautious questioning prompts the host to disclose sketches she’s drawn of the face of the “driver,” the one which inhabited her physique in the course of the blackout. it is one other member of the current Quantum Leap enterprise staff – Mason Alexander Park’s Ian Wright.

The reveal makes great sense. Ian is the Quantum Leap enterprise’s lead programmer, so presumably he is destined to get your hands on out the most acceptable various to journey to a exact level in spacetime. He ought to have handed this information on to Ben all by means of their encounter, explaining why Ben’s personal programming had come on in leaps and bounds, permitting him to program a particular journey and even break the foundations of time journey as a end result of the staff knew them. What’s extra, Ian is one among Addison’s good buddies, and it is smart that he would want to save tons of her life.

What occurred To Addison & Ian inside the distinctive Quantum Leap Timeline?

QUantum Leap Ian 2

Quantum Leap‘s midseason finale raised disturbing questions regarding the enterprise’s future – significantly given Ben’s decision to not inform his buddies regarding the mission. Georgina Reilly has suggested it is as a end result of Ben is aware of enough to not notion the enterprise, and episode eleven hinted Quantum Leap is destined to go unhealthy, which means any formal information left behind will risk compromising Ben’s mission. it is low price to imagine the approaching disaster involving Addison is the set off for this dangerous timeline, and Ian ought to have decided to avert it. it is odd, although, that Ian did not merely head to that time inside the timeline instantly. His approach is very extra cautious, rather extra circumspect, hinting he is appearing with out right authorization.

there’s one other thriller leaper in Quantum Leap season 1, and his presence inside the timeline raises rather extra questions on what goes on on. Richard Martinez (Walter Perez) is working for the U.S. navy, and it is potential he stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator to purpose to fulfill up with Ian – and to maintain this darkish timeline in place. Hopefully extra explanations will quickly be forthcoming in Quantum Leap season 1.

Episodes of Quantum Leap launch on NBC on Mondays at 10 PM ET. Episodes can be found for unique streaming on Peacock the following day.

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