New Blood's Finale Beat the distinctive Ending

Dexter acquired two finales, one with season eight and one with New Blood, and whereas nonetheless divisive, the latter was actually the elevated of the two.

the distinctive Dexter season eight finale was divisive amongst viewers, nonetheless the Dexter: New Blood finale was in a place to be elevated in a quantity of methods. the distinctive Dexter ending noticed Michael C. hall’s Dexter taking the physique of his ineffective sister out to sea in his boat and crusing proper into a hurricane as he mourned her loss of life and blamed himself. whereas it appeared that Dexter had died inside the hurricane, he was then revealed to be dwelling a mannequin new life in Alaska.

It took virtually a decade for the Dexter observe-up sequence Dexter: New Blood to look. In that time, audiences had argued regarding the ending with many feeling the Dexter ending was dangerous, or that the sequence had gone off the rails years earlier than, with options that Dexter season 4 was primarily the handiest season. This clearly left the mannequin new current with a huge problem when it acquired here to how one can finish the story, and Dexter: New Blood’s finale pulled that off in simply one season: right here’s why the second finale is best than Dexter’s real ending.


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the distinctive Dexter Ended all of the fallacious tales

Dexter as the lumberjack in the finale of Dexter

When an prolonged-working sequence entails a detailed, it’s important that closure is provided for the most important characters that viewers have come to know and love. Dexter season eight failed on this account by specializing in ending the tales of extra minor characters that had been launched late inside the sport, and neglecting fan favorites. whereas Dr. Evelyn Vogel and Oliver Saxon’s arcs are wrapped up, prolonged-time period characters like Angel Batista and Joey Quinn are merely left mourning Deb and Dexter’s apparent deaths. in the meantime, Deb’s loss of life was unsatisfactory, and Dexter’s lack of penalties finally made for a weak finish to the sequence.

Dexter’s Season eight Ended Doubled Down On Deb errors


whereas Dexter had some stronger and weaker seasons all by its run, an complete lot of the factors inside the sequence acquired here to a head when Debra Morgan found Dexter and LaGuerta in a standoff that would have led to Dexter dealing with the implications of his killings, and Deb chosen to kill LaGuerta. whereas it was propped up by the story surrounding Deb being in love with Dexter, the selection was out of character for her, and the subsequent actions in Dexter season eight continued to fail the character. Her loss of life on the tip of the current doubled down on all of these ideas however denied her an alternative to redeem herself.

New Blood Gave Dexter an exact Ending

Dexter Morgan death in New Blood finale

whereas Dexter: New Blood was not with out factors of its personal, it did tackle a quantity of of the most important factors that the Dexter season eight finale had. the most important of these was that season eight made it clear that it wasn’t the true finish to Dexter’s story. It appeared seemingly that Dexter would kill as quickly as extra in Alaska and elsewhere and it was unclear whether or not he would possibly sometime meet up with Hannah as quickly as extra, with the two working their lethal justice collectively. With Dexter’s loss of life on the finish of Dexter: New Blood and the reported loss of life of Hannah, it was clear that the story round Michael C. hall’s character was over, and it was thematically wrapped up neatly.

Dexter: New Blood Earned Its Character Deaths

Dexter talking to Dr. Evelyn Vogel.

loss of life was a pretty commonplace a part of Dexter and by no means completely unusual in Dexter: New Blood, however when it acquired here to essential characters, solely the latter sequence actually earned the deaths. In Dexter season eight’s finale, the deaths of Deb and Evelyn Vogel seem pointless and purely helpful for making an try to wrap up some tales. By sturdy distinction, the character deaths in Dexter: New Blood had been established earlier on and important for the story. Logan’s loss of life is stunning, however it absolutely helps to spotlight how faraway from even his personal misguided moral code Dexter has gone. Dexter’s personal loss of life is clearly setup as inevitable, collectively with his killing of Logan serving as a particular level of no return that permits the deaths to be significant and satisfying.

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New Blood Was in a place to current Deb Closure after Dexter

Dexter New Blood Debra Morgan Jennifer Carpenter Michael C Hall

The later seasons of Dexter failed Debra Morgan, collectively with her loss of life being the final nail in that coffin. It appeared unlikely that Jennifer Carpenter’s detective would return for Dexter: New Blood given her demise, however her look as a imaginative and prescient in Dexter’s head allowed for an splendid ending. Deb’s Dexter loss of life left her in a coma on the tip, which means that she had no phrase or agency in her passing. nonetheless, in Dexter: New Blood she was in a place to current a novel strategy on her urging for Dexter to make a particular selection, and when she was current for her loss of life the sequence was lastly in a place to current Deb closure.

Harrison’s Ending Makes New Blood Even elevated

Harrison close-up and Dexter in Dexter: New Blood

Dexter’s fear all by his existence that he is persevering with a pattern of violence that was current at his delivery was worsened when he found that Harry, his adoptive father, had his personal moral failings as properly. Leaving Hannah and Harrison in Dexter season eight was his try to interrupt the cycle and preserve away from Harrison turning into like him, however felt like and take a look at to depart his factors comparatively than tackle them. By offering Harrison as teenage character in Dexter: New Blood, the sequence was in a place to current the character agency and have him be an energetic participant in his breaking the cycle. Importantly, Dexter: New Blood’s ending confirmed that Harrison may break the cycle, although Dexter by no means may.

New Blood Doesn’t really feel desire it wants A Spin-Off

Dexter with a cop in Dexter: New Blood

maybe the one biggest assume about why Dexter: New Blood’s ending was a elevated finale than the tip of dexter season eight is the fact that it actually felt like a finale. The Dexter season eight ending always appeared that they had been desirous to proceed the story of Dexter in his new land and that there was room for a spin-off set in Alaska, if not solely a season 9. With Dexter: New Blood, the story is so conclusively ended that it’s clear that there may simply by no means be one other installment inside the Dexter franchise. whereas future sequence are potential, they’ll battle with the prevailing lore round Dexter and the fully different characters, and it actually doesn’t really feel as if future Dexter content material is a necessity.

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