Forrest Gump's Son mustn't be truly His youngster

Forrest Gump‘s son, performed by Haley Joel Osment, mustn’t be going to be the organic son of Tom Hanks’ titular savant – in accordance with one fan concept. A cornerstone of yank storytelling, any problem to the integrity of Forrest Gump can really feel like an assault on a member of the household. that is very true for ideas regarding Forrest and Jenny, who spend pretty a little bit of the film as star-crossed lovers. finally, however, Jenny finds her means again to Forrest, and the two rendezvous earlier than separating but as quickly as extra. it is solely when she returns a second time, a toddler in tow, that Forrest discovers he has a son, and that he’ll lose a associate.


Forrest Gump’s candy relationship with Forrest Jr. is little doubt definitely one of many film’s most poignant moments because it additionally accompanies Jenny’s passing – however is Forrest Jr. actually his son? very associated to fully different Forrest Gump fan theories, there is a terrific deal of proof behind this one, collectively with an absence of affirmation that Forrest and Jenny had intercourse, the sketchy timeline of occasions, and Jenny’s conduct when she and Forrest reunite after a lot time had handed. on the identical time, there’s additionally a terrific deal of motive to think about that Forrest Gump‘s Jenny was telling the very actuality about her son’s father. this is the hypothesis damaged down, as effectively as to why it may not be true.

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Forrest Gump by no means confirmed Forrest Jr.’s Conception

Forrest getting married in Forrest Gump

This remaining sequence of their relationship calls into question the organic relationship between Forrest Gump’s son and the titular character. For one factor, the filmmakers do not explicitly reveal that Forrest Gump and Jenny’s relationship was ever consummated. it is hardly possible Forrest has even had enough expertise to know such a course of. Not solely is he virtually definitely a virgin, however he grew up in a area devoid of full intercourse training. although there is unquestionably precedent for using cinematic shorthand in lieu of exact intercourse scenes, the deed is usually recommended if not confirmed right here.

When Forrest Jr. Is Conceived in accordance with The film

Forrest Gump reads a book to Forrest Jr outside in Forrest Gump.

The timeline of Jenny’s conferences with Forrest raises extra questions on when Forrest Gump’s son would have been conceived. When she initially returns to him, Forrest describes how she sleeps and sleeps for days – presumably indicative of an ongoing being pregnant. maybe Jenny, upon discovering she was pregnant, sought refuge from her former life-style inside the care of a trusted buddy, the place she may decide the following steps in a healthful environment, free from judgment.

Jenny was additionally clearly burdened with the trauma expert by youthful Jenny in Forrest Gump‘s earlier scenes. quickly after, Jenny leaves Forrest – fixed collectively with her everlasting free spirit, or maybe considerably consequently of guilt that she feels for having saddled Forrest with this accountability with out his figuring out. When she returns as quickly as extra to the effectively-traveled Forrest Gump, it is doable she was merely establishing the proper life for her son in preparation for her imminent passing.

Debunking The Forrest Jr. concept

Jenny and Forrest in Forrest Gump

the simple actuality complicating this concept lies inside the kid’s title: Forrest, Jr. it is troublesome to think about she’d have named him after Forrest (particularly with the Jr. denotation) if she’d delivered and raised the kid with a distinctive father. With the means by which by which Jenny is portrayed by a lot of the film’s second act, it is doable she did not know who Jr.’s father was, and attributable to this actuality decided she’d title him after (and finally ship him to) most possible the most accountable, unimpeachable particular person she knew in her life. Curiously, the Forrest Gump novel by Winston Groom ends with Jenny elevating her and Forrest Gump’s son with a particular person who’s none the wiser, a secret shared between Forrest and Jenny.

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finally, this concept is rendered moot by the simple indisputable actuality that Forrest accepts Jr. as a son with no questions requested. very associated to the the rest of his life, Forrest is direct, reliable, and unwaveringly variety in dealing with Jenny’s dying and Forrest Jr.’s upbringing. on the extreme of the day, Forrest is his son’s exact father (household tree aside).

The Scrapped Sequel Would Have Explored Forrest Being A dad or mum

Forrest Gump Tom Hanks

there have been initially plans to make Forrest Gump 2 based mostly on Winston Groom’s second e book, Gump & Co. as effectively as to portraying Forrest’s life by major American occasions of the ’80s and ’90s, the sequel would have additionally featured an older mannequin of his son and explored Forrest’s journey by parenthood. this is ready to possible have gone over pretty effectively with audiences given how heartwarming Forrest Jr. and Forrest Gump’s ending scene is, and the pair would probably have gotten as a lot as some mischief, too.

however, the sequel film by no means obtained here to cross, as scriptwriter Eric Roth turned in his accomplished adaptation on September 10, 2001. After the following day’s catastrophic occasions, he, Hanks, and director Robert Zemeckis sat down and agreed that Forrest Gump’s story wouldn’t really feel related anymore. consequently, the distinctive Forrest Gump supplies the one perception audiences will get into what the beloved character is like as a father.

Forrest Jr’s True Father Is definitely one of Many Forrest Gump Theories


Forrest Gump’s son being fathered by one other particular person – and Jenny hiding it from Forrest – mustn’t be even shut to being the wildest concept about Robert Zemeckis’ 1994 blockbuster. maybe most possible the most infamous of these fan theories is the one positing that Forrest Gump is unquestionably lifeless. Citing the impossibility of Forrest Gump‘s historic occasions and the particular person’s unimaginable feats, some viewers think about that Forrest’s life was solely doable as a consequence of it was dreamed up by a toddler with leg braces who was crushed to dying by his bullies.associated: Who performed Elvis In Forrest Gump? (Not Kurt Russell)

Arguably even darker than the hypothesis that Forrest Gump is lifeless, one other speculates that he is being investigated by the regulation for nefarious actions, and that he is telling his story to the townspeople with a view to curry their favor. in the meantime, considerably associated to the hypothesis about Forrest Gump’s son, one other extra innocent concept wonders whether or not Forrest’s tales are true or if he simply made them as a lot as impress Jenny. although these theories seem morbid, pessimistic, and even downright offensive to the film’s legacy, in addition they clearly underscore how Forrest Gump stays definitely one of most influential movies starring Tom Hanks, regardless of the very indisputable actuality that it has been virtually 30 years because it was first launched.

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