DC Animated Universe full Timeline: What Order to look at

The DC Animated Universe builds a shared universe involving DC animated reveals and flicks when watching the DCAU movies so as. whereas the idea of a shared universe turned widespread on the large computer screen as a end result of of the MCU, DC already noticed its characters and storylines crossing over from one tv current to a distinctive for the motive that late ’90s. The crossovers between the Batman and Superman animated collection led to the manufacturing of Justice League, and a full-fledged animated universe that consists of DC’s biggest heroes and villains like Darkseid was created.


additionally referred to as the “Timmverse,” the creators masterfully translated the DC universe from comics to tv, impressed by tales like Grant Morrison’s Justice League of America and traditional tales from DC’s historic previous. The DCAU additionally created unique characters like Harley Quinn and Terry McGinnis. whereas watching the DCAU movies so as mustn’t be a nasty selection, watching them in chronological order makes for an excellent elevated expertise. The DCAU is made up of eight reveals and 6 movies, all of which share a minimal of some extent of interconnectivity.

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Batman: The Animated collection (Season 1)

The banner from Batman The Animated Series.

Batman: The Animated collection is amongst the numerous best iterations of The darkish Knight and a traditional of its personal, however it absolutely’s typically the delivery of the DCAU. The inventive staff led by Bruce Timm was on a mission to create a current that adopted up on the shift in how the remaining public perceived Batman after the Tim Burton Batman movies, therefore why the selection for the noir aesthetic and the darker themes. Batman: TAS was not purported to be the start of a DC animated universe. every season of the current has an episodic construction all by which every episode stands by itself. regardless of that, that is the place to start watching the Batman animated movies so as.

Batman: masks of the phantasm

The Phantasm alongside Batman from Mask of the Phantasm.

whereas it is arduous to pinpoint when Batman: masks of the phantasm takes place inside the TAS‘ chronology, the film works high-quality as one factor that occurs between seasons 1 and a pair of of the current. masks of the phantasm additionally flashbacks to an earlier level of Bruce’s life and divulges what this Batman’s yr one was like. To at the present time, masks of the phantasm is amongst the numerous most praised Batman movies, in pair with dwell-movement ones similar to Nolan’s darkish Knight trilogy.

Batman: The Animated collection (Seasons 2-three)

Robin from Batman the Animated Series.

After reasserting himself as Batman following his reunion with Andrea, Batman: The Animated collection seasons 2 and three are subsequent when watching the Batman animated movies so as. as quickly as as quickly as extra, the current has an episodic construction, and an episode might very properly be watched with out too many considerations about chronology. it is worth noting that some are inclined to separate Batman: TAS into simply two seasons, however most streaming platforms, as properly as to the Blu-ray packing containers, have the episodes unfold over three seasons, with the mannequin new Adventures of Batman serving as season 4.

Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero

Batman and Mr. Freeze in SubZero.

Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero was the second film to be produced for the DCAU. Arnold Schwarzenegger performed Freeze in Batman & Robin in 1997, a yr earlier than this animated film was launched. however, right here the animated Batman film continues the extremely praised Batman: The Animated collection Mr. Freeze story, which reinvented the character by giving him a tragic backstory and sympathetic motives. in distinction to masks of the phantasm, Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero was not a theatrical launch.

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Superman: The Animated collection (Season 1)

Superman flying in his animated series.

The success of Batman: TAS in each rankings and critiques was such that Warner Bros. tried to repeat the components with Superman — and it labored. With Superman: TAS, each Bruce Timm and voice actor Tim Daly managed to create a persona that embodied the heroes’ traditional parts however nonetheless felt like one factor new, which is one factor trendy diversifications like Zack Snyder’s Superman struggled with.

Superman: TAS (Season 2-three)/the mannequin new Batman Adventures

Superman with Batman in Superman: The Animated Series.

Kevin Conroy as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Mark Hamill as a end result of the Joker each returned for the mannequin new Batman Adventures, which is usually referred to as Batman: The Animated collection season 4. This aired concurrently with the remaining two seasons of Superman: The Animated collection. regardless of the mannequin new artwork vogue and the mannequin new title, the mannequin new Batman Adventures is actually a continuation of Batman: TAS. In Superman: The Animated collection season 2’s three-half episode “World’s best,” Batman and Superman meet for the primary time.

Batman: thriller Of The Batwoman

Penguin chats with Batwoman in Mystery Of The Batwoman.

This animated film takes place far finally in the mannequin new Batman Adventures‘ timeline when watching Batman animated movies so as. It has Barbara Gordon residing outdoors of Batman’s Gotham metropolis for school. It was additionally the primary entry inside the DCAU to suggest that Bruce Wayne and Barbara had a relationship, by far one among Bruce Timm’s most controversial and criticized inventive selections. This similar idea was carried over into the animated adaptation of The Killing Joke.

Justice League

Justice League cartoon banner.

Up subsequent inside the DCAU watch order is the current bringing all of it collectively, Justice League featured Batman, Superman, and The Flash, all of whom had appeared in earlier reveals. The cartoon was the primary that Warner Bros. produced for the Cartoon community, and it actually opened up the DCAU by introducing a quantity of completely different iconic characters. This included marvel lady, Martian Manhunter, inexperienced Lantern (John Stewart), and Hawkgirl. The current ran for fifty two episodes, adopted by Justice League limitless.

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Static Shock

Static Shock in his animated series.

Static Shock launched Virgil Hawkins from Milestone Comics to tv. whereas the current had amongst the numerous Milestone comic creators like Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan as producers, it made adjustments to the supply supplies. By season 2, heroes like Batman, Superman, and the Justice League started to seem, tying all of it collectively.

Justice League limitless*

The Justice League Unlimited group silhouettes.

Justice League limitless picked up the place Justice League left off, besides on a a lot greater scale. collectively with the returning founding members of the Justice League, Justice League limitless featured a plethora of DC characters, lots of who had by no means appeared in any film or current. Episode 26 is the one one viewers ought to skip when watching DCAU movies so as.

Batman And Harley Quinn

Batman, Harley Quinn, and Nightwing in a room.

the large Bang concept actress Melissa Rauch as Harley Quinn joined a returning Kevin Conroy as Batman in Batman and Harley Quinn. This was a late addition to the DCAU. The 2017 animated film directed by Sam Liu is loosely linked to the DCAU, however its artwork vogue and creator reveal that it is purported to be set in that universe. It occurs someplace throughout the occasions of Justice League limitless.

Justice League Vs. The lethal 5

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in Justice League: Fatal Five.

This film might very properly be a later addition to the DCAU. Justice League Vs. The lethal 5 is about after the occasions of Justice League limitless and brings new additions to that universe, similar to inexperienced Lantern, Jessica Cruz, and Miss Martian, the latter drawn in a mode very associated to the one from the DC current youthful Justice. It was directed by Sam Liu and launched lots of the distinctive forged again.

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Batman past

Terry in the Batsuit in Batman Beyond.

Batman past was launched in 1999 however, as a end result of the title suggests, is about finally. The current was the primary adjust to-as a lot as Batman: The Animated collection and launched again lots of the inventive staff. Batman past informed the story of a retired Bruce Wayne teaching a mannequin new Batman, Terry McGinnis.

The Zeta mission

The heroes from The Zeta Project.

The Zeta mission was a by-product of Batman past that occurred throughout the identical time. completely different than a Terry McGinnis, it had no primary connections to the DC universe. The current had 26 episodes.

Batman past: Return of the Joker

Batman Beyond confronting The Joker in Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker.

whereas Batman past featured largely unique villains, the Batman past: Return of the Joker film launched again Mark Hamill as a end result of the Clown Prince of Crime. it is a terribly darkish Batman story and helps fill in some gaps inside the DCAU chronology. It was directed by Curt Geda and written by Paul Dini.

Justice League limitless, Episode 26

Terry talking to Bruce Wayne in Justice League Unlimited.

one among many essential stunning episodes of Justice League limitless, “Epilogue,” is the closest factor to an ending the DC Animated Universe had. It featured an older Terry McGinnis studying extra about Batman as a end result of of Amanda Waller. She reveals to Terry one among Batman’s most tough selections, and the episode ends with a heartwarming second between Terry and Bruce.

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Are The DCAMU movies an aspect of The Timmverse?

Cyborg and Batman flying into Justice League Dark Apokolips War.

The DCAU movies so as do not embrace the DC Animated film Universe, the DCAMU. whereas each animated variations of DC Comics storylines, the DCAMU is a separate film/tv world ended with the Apokolips warfare in Justice League darkish. The DCAMU all started with Barry Allen racing by time, resetting the timeline, after which when he mounted it, there was a mannequin-new universe left standing. The DCAMU a saga-size story, in distinction to the Timmverse, which has been constructed up over time as a end result of of consecutive extreme-extreme quality reveals and flicks retaining viewers demand extreme.

The DCAMU is the DC animated mannequin of the mannequin new fifty two, and is tonally very completely different from the Timmverse/DCAU. whereas the DCAMU compares properly with the DC Universe after disaster on Infinite Earths, as quickly as Flash reset the timeline, it formally ended the DC Animated film Universe. The DC Animated Universe additionally seems to have ended, although in a a lot much less dramatic vogue.

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