Rep.-Elect Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) will swear himself in on Superman #1 : NPR

Rep.-Elect Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) speaks at a Congressional Hispanic Caucus event on Nov. 18, 2022 in Washington, D.C.

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Anna Moneymaker/Getty pictures

Rep.-Elect Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) speaks at a Congressional Hispanic Caucus event on Nov. 18, 2022 in Washington, D.C.

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This week, Congressman-elect Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) made some information by saying he’ll (finally!) swear himself in on a reproduction of the structure, a photograph of his late mom and father, his certificates of U.S. citizenship and … a reproduction of Superman #1, on mortgage from the Library of Congress.

unusual, that final bit? optimistic. however to me it makes a form of baseline, profoundly American, sense.

Not merely as a end result of Garcia is a lifelong comic-e-book nerd (although I imply … that components. Clearly.) however as a end result of of what Superman #1 is, as a historic and cultural object.

adjust to me, right here:

Superman #1 appeared on newsstands in April 1939. It was the fundamental comic e-book ever to be devoted solely to a single character.

For years earlier than that, comics have been afterthoughts – quickly slapped-collectively anthologies that merely reprinted and repackaged beforehand revealed newspaper comic strips. money grabs, primarily – a means for publishers to get one final chew out of their pulpy apples.

however precisely one yr earlier than Superman #1 debuted, movement Comics #1 had appeared on newsstands, and altered the current system. simply like the comics that obtained here earlier than it, movement Comics was an anthology that contains eleven completely different strips. however for the fundamental time, the characters and tales in movement weren’t retreads from the Sunday funnies, they have been real, all-new creations. Most of them have been sq.-jawed, two-fisted detectives with hilariously sq.-jawed, two-fisted names like Pep Morgan! Chuck Dawson! Scoop Scanlon! There was additionally a online page of Hollywood gossip about Constance Bennett (gasp!) and it led off with this bizarre violent yarn a pair of man in blue circus-strongman tights and a purple cape who jumped round masses and beat of us up.


Hulton Archive/Getty pictures


Hulton Archive/Getty pictures

every difficulty of movement Comics featured so many diversified characters, in exact actuality, that it took the writer months to get hold of out precisely why every difficulty was flying off the cabinets. (Spare a type thought to the poor, cigar-chomping schlub who satisfied himself that America’s youth have been all going gaga for the heartbeat-pounding adventures of Sticky-Mitt Stimson.)

as quickly as they lastly obtained their act collectively, they revealed the Oops! All Supes! comic, Superman #1. although it weighed in at a hefty sixty 4 pages, it was largely solely a reprint of the Superman tales that had beforehand appeared in movement Comics #1-4. They did tweak issues a bit, rising his origin story and including some pages to level how Clark Kent obtained his job as a reporter.

The important factor about Superman #1 – and if Congressman-elect Garcia is a nerd like me, he is aware of this – is that the Superman that appeared in its pages is not the large Blue Boy Scout all of us know immediately. he isn’t the smiling cop-in-a-cape who enforces the rule of legal guidelines and saves the occasional day.

No, the Superman of these first few outings was an agitator. He did not reinforce the established order, he upended it, as quickly as extra and as quickly as extra.

In his very first appearances, years earlier than anyone started calling him the Man of metallic, the one epithet utilized to him was Champion of the Oppressed.

That was his complete, O.G. gig – wanting out for the little man, the defenseless, the marginalized, the exploited: anyone who obtained used and abused by the system. it is not a stretch to ponder early Superman as a neo-socialist icon, a progressive activist in a leotard.

do not think about me? this is what Superman will get as a lot as, inside the pages of Superman #1:

  1. Savagely beats up a particular person who’s abusing a woman
  2. Prevents the state from executing a wrongly convicted prisoner
  3. Torments a corrupt Washington lobbyist (by hoisting him over his great-shoulders and leaping between the numerous towering skyscrapers of 1939 Washington, D.C.  – hey, it is comics)
  4. Forces a grasping munitions producer to expertise the horrors of battle on the entrance strains as his personal merchandise explode round him
  5. Prevents a second execution, this time through firing squad
  6. chilly-bloodedly murders a soldier for torturing a prisoner
  7. Traps a rich mine proprietor and his extreme-society pals in his personal mine to display how the mine’s safety devices would not work (look i do know issues are getting a bit extra baroque, right here, however preserve on with me), and 
  8. Disguises himself as a school soccer participant to current a crooked coach (see above, in re: hey, it is comics).

there is a throughline, right here, and it is the forcible dismantling of strategies that exert power over the weak and disenfranchised. He was a bully to the bullies, a man who stands up for of us who can not rise up.

All of this modified with the look of World battle II, surely. Superman shortly reworked into an anodyne patriotic picture, a rallying cry for the troops, a fundamental-coloured nugget of low-cost-to-produce propaganda. that is when “actuality, Justice and the American means” first entered the combo, and Superman’s socialist roots obtained swept beneath the rug – or, extra precisely, into the Victory backyard.

however in Superman #1, and for a quantity of years after it, Superman’s complete deal was to be somebody who fought for of us who may not battle for themselves.

he is modified masses, through the years. however I wrote a cultural historic previous of Superman a quantity of years again, and after spending so many hours studying and watching every little bit of media Superman appeared in over the a long time, I obtained here away with the two important parts to Superman. they do not have something to do with what you’ll possibly anticipate – the powers, the origin story, the costume, the politics, the patriotism.

No, this is what lies on the coronary heart of any Superman story:

  1. He areas the wants of others over these of himself
  2. He by no means gives up

that is it, it is not sophisticated. these are the two issues that make Superman Superman.

And with reference to one factor to swear by, or on this case, on – what are the important traits we’re talking about, right here? Selflessness, and perseverance.

As ideas go, they appear to be a reasonably safe pair of selections for anyone – politicians included – to get behind, particularly if these features work in sync with every completely different: Empathy met with dedication, as an organizing precept. optimistic. Why not?

Unrealistic beliefs, you say? Yeah, that is all of the function, I say.

Superheroes are want-success; that is their power. Superman was the fundamental superhero, so he occurs to be in all probability the handiest, the purest encapsulation of that notion. he is the self you are not but, however hope to finally develop to be.

he isn’t Spider-Man. Spider-Man, famously, is the hero we set up with. that is what he is for; he shares our worries and fears – lease, girlfriends, household. however Superman is not the hero we set up with, he is the hero we think about in, we look as a lot as. sure, he is greater than we’re – he is the glorious to try for, the event to confirm ourselves in direction of.

And it is his standing as an unimaginable that issues, as a end result of it means he is on a daily basis simply past our attain. Like, say, Justice. And actuality.

And, as was made clearer than ever this week, Democracy.

Which, as I say, simply makes a form of straightforward, unignorable, rock-ribbed sense. as a end result of it is solely inside the striving for an unimaginable – inside the simple day-to-day act of chasing it, reaching for it, hoping that we’re ready to discover it – that we even strategy altering into in all probability the handiest mannequin of ourselves we’re ready to ever hope to be.


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