How previous every Madrigal Is

Disney’s Encanto introduces a full household blessed with magical powers, however whereas their supernatural talents are apparent due to the musical’s opening quantity, the age of the Madrigal members of the household is much less so. Three generations of the Madrigal household reside in Encanto’s Casita. Abuela, the eldest, is the matriarch overseeing (and in lots of cases, demanding) unity from her sons, daughters, and grandchildren, the latter of which embrace the film’s reward-much less heroine Mirabel. it is apparent that Mirabel is, for event, youthful than elder sisters Isabel and Luisa, however older than cousin Antonio. the exact ages of the Madrigal household are tougher to pin down although. Encanto has raised many questions with reference to the Madrigal’s private particulars, particularly their ages, upon its launch, prompting many to ask questions like “which Madrigal sibling is the eldest” and “how previous is Mirabel in Encanto?”.


fortunately, the musical’s director Jared Bush has answered the viewers’s questions by way of a quantity of Twitter threads. He then clarifies confusion with reference to the beginning order inside the Madrigal household, noting the nuances of their ages and conduct. that is the rationale, besides for having completely different particular objects, the Encanto characters additionally possess distinctive traits attributable to their ages and levels in life. as a outcome of Encanto deliberately did not level out how previous is Mirabel in Encanto, viewers quickly recognized that simply a few of them acted both youthful or older than they had been purported to be. The discussions had reached Twitter, the place Bush elaborated on the Disney characters’ backgrounds. He further defined the ages of the Encanto characters, collectively with the implications on their personalities and relationships. That acknowledged, right here is how previous every Madrigal is.

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Abuelo Pedro

Disney's Encanto's magical house may be Abuelo Pedro Madrigal - Theory Explained

The patriarch of the magical Madrigal household, Abuelo Pedro, who would possibly secretly be the Casita, met Abuela Alma at a Day of the Little Candles journey celebration. the two immediately hit it off, obtained married, and had triplets. sadly, the conquerors disrupted the village they lived in, forcing the residents to flee and Pedro to sacrifice himself to save tons of his household. in line with Bush, when Abuelo Pedro crossed the river, he was the exact age as Sebastían Yatra was when he recorded “Dos Oruguitas.” The Colombian singer carried out the nostalgic music that performed as a outcome of the romance of Abuela Alma, and Abuelo Pedro was narrated by way of flashbacks. Yatra, born in 1994, was solely 26 when he collaborated with Encanto creators, making this Encanto characters age, Abuelo Pedro, 26 when he died.

Abuela Alma

Abuela carrying the magical candle on Encanto

although she has no powers of her personal, Abuela Alma is why the Madrigals had been blessed with the miracle. Her candle gained magical talents fifty years earlier than Encanto’s story started. whereas the Disney film’s timeline was purposely saved obscure, Alma had overseen the group counting on her household over the previous 5 many years, protecting the magic alive and the objects of her kids and grandchildren current. So, assuming Abuela was virtually the identical age as her late husband, this Encanto character’s age would then be seventy five or seventy six years previous in the course of the film’s occasions.


Julieta healing Mirabel in Encanto

The mom of Isabella, Luisa, and Mirabel, Julieta is blessed with the flexibility to heal individuals with the meals she cooks. In Encanto, she heals Mirabel’s hand and her husband Agustin’s bee stings. because it has been fifty years as a outcome of the miracle occurred, Abuela Alma’s triplets are roughly 50 years previous. additionally, in a tweet, Bush confirms that Julieta is the oldest amongst the various siblings when it includes the Encanto ages, as proven by her urge to assist everyone domestically.


Agustin gives a thumbs up in Disney's Encanto

although Agustín’s age will not be explicitly acknowledged inside the Colombian-influenced film Encanto, it is revealed by the film’s creators that he is a little bit of youthful than Julieta and her siblings. that is further supported by his clumsy and accident-susceptible nature, which is how he and Julieta finally grew to become a pair. as a outcome of he solely married into the household, Agustín will not be gifted with magical talents. nonetheless, that simply made him extra relatable to Mirabel and the viewers.

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Isabela Madrigal swinging in Encanto

as a outcome of the eldest Madrigal grandchild, Isabela has on a daily basis felt the strain to be the appropriate, stunning baby. Her vitality to develop flowers and vegetation takes a flip in the direction of the tip of Encanto, when she lastly learns to simply settle for her true, imperfect self. in the course of the film’s occasions, she is 21 years previous.


Luisa holds a rock over her head in Disney's Encanto.

collectively with her large-energy, Luisa, launched by the music “floor strain,” is the village’s resident runner, lifting bridges, adjusting homes, and doing chores with out breaking a sweat. As a quintessential center baby, the sister retains a bodily and emotionally resilient facade to please her household. Sadly, she additionally harbors anxieties about not meeting the expectations of her village. Luisa is 19 years previous in Encanto.


Mirabel raises her hand and smiles in Disney's Encanto

How previous is Mirabel in Encanto? The youngest daughter of Julieta and Agustín, Mirabel is the one Madrigal with out magical vitality. regardless of standing out from the the rest of the household, she is the important factor to restoring the magic and rebuilding the Casita when the miracle is threatened. Bush states in a Twitter thread that Mirabel is 15 years previous in Encanto, solely a bit youthful than her cousin, Camilo.


Pepa with a cloud raining over her in Encanto

inside the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical, Pepa is the center baby of the Madrigal triplets, thought-about in all probability the most emotional amongst the various siblings. apparently, her vitality to regulate and manipulate the climate is very depending on her feelings, so she typically will get an earful from Abuela at any time when she has clouds on her head. Married to Félix, Pepa may be 50 years previous.

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Pepa and Felix smile in front of her door in Encanto

Like Agustín, Félix additionally does not possess supernatural objects since he married into the Madrigal household. Bush notes that he is a little bit of older than the triplets, although it is not precisely clear by how a lot. nonetheless, his relaxed angle from his extra superior age makes him an supreme match for the emotional and intense Pepa. although not explicitly acknowledged, this Encanto characters age is in all probability getting in his early-to-mid 50s.


Dolores looks uncomfortable at dinner in Encanto

what’s the Dolores Madrigal age? Dolores, the eldest and solely daughter of Pepa and Félix, may be 21 years previous, solely simply a few months youthful than Isabella. Dolores, who has superhuman listening to, is quieter and extra reserved, and her and Isabella’s age hole pushes her to reside inside the shadow of her good cousin. on the tip of Encanto, nonetheless, Dolores pursues her happiness.


Camilo smiling while holding a tray in Encanto

Dolores’ youthful brother Camilo is a variety-shifter. His vitality permits him to entertain his household, and at instances, get what he wants by tricking people. A “theater baby” trying on completely different identities, Camilo is 15 years previous, barely older than Mirabel. As Bush explains, for that set off it is a shock for the Madrigals that Mirabel did not get a current proper after Camilo obtained his.


Antonio holds a bird as he rises a tiger in Disney's Encanto.

The youngest amongst the various Madrigals, Antonio, is merely 5 years previous in the course of the occasions of Encanto. the predominant goal of the film’s first half, his ceremony is the predominant since that of Mirabel, whose vitality twist was revealed initially of the film. So, there’s strain on Antonio to not disappoint his household. fortunately, he is granted the flexibility to communicate to animals, which proves useful in unearthing the secrets and techniques of his household’s magic.

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Bruno looking awkward in Encanto

simply like the completely different triplets, Bruno is 50 years previous in Encanto. Cursed with clairvoyance, Bruno is shunned away by his household, and even his village, as a outcomes of his pessimistic predictions. in fact, the music “We Don’t communicate about Bruno” particulars his state of affairs and warns the youthful expertise of his previous actions. as a outcome of it seems, Bruno is simply deeply misunderstood, which is a miserable actuality contemplating he is the youngest amongst the various Madrigal triplets in Encanto.

Disney Hasn’t Confirmed Encanto 2: all the pieces all of us know up to now

Encanto- Mirabel Madrigal

Disney has neither confirmed nor denied the potential of Encanto 2. that does not imply that a sequel will not be in talks, although. in any case, Encanto carried out so properly that it gained most interesting Animated attribute and most interesting real rating on the 2022 Oscars. Encanto’s popularity rivals that of Frozen and The Incredibles, which each obtained a second installment years later. as a outcome of there’s not but been an announcement confirming whether or not Encanto 2 will happen, there is not any launch date useful. Plus, people usually should attend years in between Pixar movies in consequence of labor-intensive animation course of.

There in all probability will not be a launch date set any time quickly, nonetheless the painstaking care that is apparent in Encanto demonstrates the advantages of ready longer for a film made with real ardour and coronary heart. If Encanto 2 had been to happen, the predominant regular would likely return to reprise their roles. which suggests Stephanie Beatriz, John Leguizamo, Wilmer Valderrama, and extra would undoubtedly get back. New characters even have the potential to enter the fold, as a outcome of the mountain has opened as a lot as welcome new people.

No story particulars are on the speedy horizon for Encanto 2, nonetheless it is attainable to place out some educated guesswork. maybe Mirabel may be charged with turning into the pinnacle of the household since she will be in a place to communicate with Casita. it is very attainable that she may be the subsequent one to maintain Abuela’s magic candle. no matter whether or not Encanto 2 occurs, Encanto gives a singular regular of characters, with a large assortment of various ages — making sure that there is a narrative in right here that speaks to everyone.

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When Is Encanto Set?

Rats Bruno Encanto Trained

whereas the time interval whereby the film is about is essential to get your hands on out the Encanto ages, the setting is left purposefully obscure. The film is closely influenced by conventional Columbian tradition, with all the pieces reflecting such by way of music and costume particularly. nonetheless, there are some clues surrounding the film’s timeline that demystify when it may be set. based mostly on historic and technological cues, it may be decided that Encanto is about sometime in the course of the Fifties. First, inside the film’s opening, Abuela Alma defined that she and her husband needed to flee in consequence of Columbian Civil wrestle.

that is most truly referring to the Thousand Days’ wrestle, which came about between 1899 and 1902. Since Abuela’s gifted candle had been round for 50 years when Encanto begins, that will imply the story takes place inside the Fifties. The expertise used inside the film additionally reaffirms this projected setting. The digital camera that is used to take an picture in Antonio’s room is a Fifties-type folding digital camera. as properly as, Bruno typically reenacts telenovelas and sport reveals collectively with his rats, one factor that did not attain popularity till the 50s. The Encanto ages may seem tough to hint at first, nonetheless it is made a little bit of simpler as quickly as the time interval is laid out.

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