How Did [SPOILER] Survive to level into The MCU MODOK?

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania‘s mannequin new trailer reveals an superior deal of intriguing plot factors regarding the upcoming half 5 film, collectively with a protracted-rumored secondary villain who seems to be supporting Kang the Conqueror. The Marvel Comics supervillain MODOK is formally becoming a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Quantumania. but, plainly the stay-movement mannequin will take a important departure from the supply supplies, with a surprisingly acquainted face portraying the position. This revelation naturally begs a litany of questions regarding the MCU’s mannequin of MODOK, collectively with how he obtained here to be and whether or not he truly helps Kang’s conquest all by the Multiverse.


Quantumania is one in every of 2023’s most gratifying upcoming superhero movies, main off the yr with a mid-February launch date. The Ant-Man sequel is ready to mark the debut of Jonathan Majors’s Kang the Conqueror, a Multiversal villain who will act as a consequence of the chief antagonist of the MCU’s ongoing Multiverse Saga, culminating inside the two-half finale event, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. the latest trailer for Quantumania gave followers their best look but at Kang and his armies residing inside the Quantum Realm. amongst Kang’s chief henchmen is MODOK, a comics villain who audiences have been very desirous to see be part of the MCU for a very very prolonged time.

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Yellowjacket might Have Survived inside the Quantum Realm After 2015’s Ant-Man

Yellowjacket prepares to attack in Ant-Man

Yellowjacket is the latest MCU villain to return from the lifeless, apparently having taken on a mannequin new type in Quantumania‘s MODOK. Yellowjacket, in any other case referred to as Darren Cross, was Hank Pym’s former protege and the predominant antagonist of 2015’s Ant-Man. After stealing the identical Pym Particles that power Ant-Man’s go well with, Cross constructed his personal supervillain persona in Yellowjacket, coming to blows with Scott Lang shortly after that. Cross is killed on the tip of the film when Scott messes collectively with his go well with, inflicting him to go subatomic and disappear into the Quantum Realm. however, the latest Quantumania trailer means that Yellowjacket might have survived this encounter.

The MCU has been hinting at Yellowjacket’s return in diversified initiatives for a whereas, particularly as a consequence of it delves deeper into the inside workings of the Quantum Realm. although Ant-Man appeared to kill its predominant villain by sending him to the Quantum Realm, the 2018 sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, revealed that imprisonment inside the subatomic zone is method from a dying sentence. Janet van Dyne managed to flee the Quantum Realm after a long time trapped therein, rising with new powers on account of her time there. Janet’s survival teases that, whereas nonetheless trapped, Darren Cross did not die when he went subatomic, making his eventual return inevitable.

Why Yellowjacket Now appears Like THAT

Paul Rudd in Ant-Man 3 MODOK

Not solely is Kang already too extremely effective an enemy for Ant-Man, however it certainly seems as if the Conqueror additionally possesses an huge navy, collectively with MODOK. In his momentary appearances all by the trailer, MODOK has a very completely different type than when he was Darren Cross. Coming to resemble the comic e-book mannequin of the character, MODOK takes the sort of a huge head surrounded by cybernetic implants and, completely different than being portrayed by Corey Stoll, appears virtually nothing like he did inside the distinctive Ant-Man film, having undergone a important transformation offscreen. Quantumania will undoubtedly want to deal with Cross’s dramatically completely different look as MODOK.

The MCU’s Quantum Realm is extremely dangerous, with particular universes even inheriting zombie viruses from the subatomic world, as proven in What If…? subsequently, it stands on condition that Cross’s grotesque transformation obtained here from prolonged publicity to the Quantum Realm’s poisonous environment. whereas sure characters like Janet van Dyne emerged with fascinating powers, it might seem that Cross was not so fortunate. extra probably than not, his time inside the Quantum Realm left him deformed and unable to maintain his personal life, requiring the cybernetics that followers see him with inside the trailer, probably provided by Kang himself. Now, Cross’s enhanced type leads him to level into MODOK.

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Yellowjacket & Kang is susceptible to be Working collectively

MODOK battles Ant-Man in Ant Man and the Wasp Quantumania

Kang is extra extremely effective than the Avengers, however that would not imply he is susceptible to be working alone when he lastly arrives in Quantumania. One shot from the latest trailer depicts Kang exhibiting off his Quantum Realm metropolis of Chronopolis to Scott and Cassie Lang, flanked by MODOK. Later, MODOK is proven stopping the film’s heroes, confirming that he’ll stay a villain in his new look. So a minimal of at first, t would seem as if MODOK and Kang are allied in Quantumania. Cross might even be one in every of Kang’s generals, as he is undoubtedly extra extremely effective than the typical footsoldier inside the Conqueror’s navy.

on condition that Kang is the Multiverse Saga’s predominant villain, MODOK’s allegiance to the Conqueror is an environment nice signal for his potential future inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kang is already confirmed to return in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, however will virtually truly seem a quantity of instances beforehand to arrange his closing battle with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. If he and MODOK stay allied by the tip of Quantumania, audiences will probably see Cross’s new villainous type in a quantity of upcoming initiatives as he continues to do his grasp’s bidding. MODOK might very properly have a job to play in The Kang Dynasty as one in every of Kang’s chief henchmen.

however, MODOK’s comic origins and the MCU’s current Intelligencia teases suggest that the mannequin new supervillain will not be wholly allegiant to Kang. MODOK is not often one to serve anyone aside from himself in Marvel Comics and is susceptible to desert Kang if it serves his best pursuits. furthermore, the character is carefully related to the comic e-book mannequin of the Intelligencia, which was not too prolonged in the past launched in She-Hulk: legal professional at legal guidelines, taking on as a consequence of the pinnacle of the group after the chief walked away. The MCU might even be setting MODOK as a lot as take over as a consequence of the mannequin new chief of the Intelligencia pretty than an ally of Kang.

How MCU MODOK modifications His Marvel comic Backstory

MODOK in MCU concept art and a Marvel comic.

although MODOK’s true position in Quantumania stays largely unknown, it is already clear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will take a distinct method to the character than in Marvel Comics. inside the comics, MODOK is an acronym for Mechanized Organism Designed solely for Killing, and was as quickly as an worker of purpose named George Tarleton. Tarleton was reworked into MODOK after experimenting on himself, ensuing in his distinctively enlarged head and unbelievable genius. Afterward, MODOK grew to become a important enemy of a quantity of superheroes, asserting himself as one in every of many Marvel Universe’s chief villains whereas additionally inserting himself into a quantity of villainous organizations, collectively with the Intelligencia.

Corey Stoll’s MODOK is a clear departure from his comic e-book counterpart. whereas his look resembles the comics, his backstory is already completely completely different. instead, Darren Cross altering into MODOK ties Quantumania to the predominant Ant-Man film whereas leaving the George Tarleton story by the wayside. additionally, given Cross’s position in his first MCU look, plainly MODOK will not have the identical genius-diploma mind as is typical inside the comics. however, Quantumania might uncover a method to reinforce Cross’s intelligence by his cybernetic implants. regardless of the diversified modifications made to the character, MODOK’s MCU entrance in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is sure to be thrilling.

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