every Pinhead inside the Hellraiser movement pictures (collectively with Hellraiser 2022)

Doug Bradley’s Pinhead served as an intimidating antagonist for the distinctive Hellraiser franchise, nonetheless the lead Cenobite typically took completely different varieties too. essentially, creator Clive Barker did not start the Hellraiser saga underneath the notion that Pinhead would develop into its poster boy. The deep-voiced, leather-based-clad villain was solely inside the major Hellraiser film for a pair of scenes, whereas the exact story centered on Frank, Julia, Larry, and Kirsty Cotton and their salacious familial and marital intrigue. but, Doug Bradley’s Pinhead immediately captivated audiences and have become the villain all people most remembered. the latest film sees a mannequin new Hellraiser Pinhead, performed inside the 2022 reboot by Jamie Clayton.


The Pinhead Hellraiser character acquired an further focus in Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, collectively with an unlikely heroic flip later in the direction of the finale, however nonetheless, he was extra of a supporting participant than a lead. That modified with 1992’s Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, which put Pinhead entrance and center and tried to level out him into an virtually Freddy Krueger-esque quipster. The jokes died down for Bloodline, which shifted Pinhead further again into the shadows, a enchancment that continued with the the rest of Bradley’s appearances, albeit with him nonetheless the center of promoting. Doug Bradley’s Pinhead was principally content material with pursuing prey as himself. nonetheless, there have been a pair of occasions the Hell Priest opted to take a distinctive type, usually to mess with a goal’s head or lure them proper into a false sense of safety. extra usually than not, an encounter with Pinhead — regardless of his look — ended badly. right here is every mannequin of Pinhead Hellraiser needed to current, collectively with the feminine Pinhead from the 2022 mannequin.

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Captain Elliott Spencer (Hellraiser 2 & three)

Hellraiser - Pinhead and Elliot Spencer

whereas Pinhead was a mysterious servant of Hell inside the major Hellraiser, Hellraiser 2 delved into his backstory, revealing he had as quickly as been human. The Pinhead Hellraiser character was born Elliott Spencer (additionally Doug Bradley), a British army captain who served in World warfare I. The horrors he noticed and took half in all by means of scarred Spencer deeply, ensuing in his dropping religion in God and humanity.

After, Spencer spent his days trying for the furthest reaches of hedonistic pleasure and discovering the peak of enjoyment and ache after opening the Lament Configuration puzzle subject. Spencer’s transformation into Pinhead by Hell’s lord Leviathan is depicted all by means of Hellraiser 2‘s opening scene. Hellraiser‘s Kirsty Cotton reminds Spencer of his forgotten previous inside the sequel, main the Cenobites to activate Leviathan, however they get simply dispatched. Spencer additionally performs a massive position in Hell On Earth, as he and Pinhead’s darkish impulses get separated. Leviathan additionally makes a reappearance alongside the mannequin new Hellraiser Pinhead.

Unbound Pinhead (Hellraiser III)

Pinhead offering the puzzle box from Hellraiser III

whereas the Pinhead Hellraiser character is a formidable monster all by means of Hellraiser or Hellbound, he turns into one factor altogether worse in Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. He might outwardly look the identical, however he is not going the identical entity. Any of Pinhead’s larger qualities, akin to his willingness to minimize price, sense of truthful play or order, and connection again to his human side have been severed. that is as a outcomes of Pinhead’s Elliott Spencer half and his completely evil Pinhead half being separated following Pinhead’s “loss of life” in Hellraiser 2.

Upon resurrection, this “Unbound” Pinhead Hellraiser character is completely uninhibited by Leviathans’ constraints and is a pure manifestation of struggling. He slaughters innocents by the dozen, creates completely different Cenobites for gratifying, commits copious portions of blasphemy in a church, and is simply usually terrible on every stage. fortuitously, Hellraiser III heroine Joey Summerskill has assist to fight Pinhead from Spencer’s ghost, and the two halves of Pinhead are later rejoined, restoring stability.

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Joey Summerskill’s Father (Hellraiser III)

Hellraiser 3 - Joey Summerskill with Pinhead Father

Hellraiser III‘s heroine Joey is suffering from nightmares reenacting what she presumes to be how her father died whereas combating inside the Vietnam warfare. because it was established above, Unbound Pinhead is the worst, so the villain resorts to maybe his meanest transformation ever, turning into Joey’s dad and convincing her he is the exact spirit come to say goodbye. Joey is tricked into handing over the Lament Configuration to the Pinhead Hellraiser character, who’s of course pretty completely happy collectively with his capability to prevail over his foe.

fortuitously, the two characters have been in a limbo state between life and the afterlife at that second, so the ghost of Spencer can forcibly reunite collectively with his completely different half. Joey is then ready to stab Pinhead with the Lament Configuration – at present in a dagger type – sending him again to Hell the place he belongs. This reinforces that earlier to World warfare I, Elliott was a great man, and oddly makes clear that at virtually any level inside the franchise, Pinhead has a small quantity of goodness locked inside him someplace.

Dr. Paul Gregory (Hellraiser: Inferno)

James Remar as Harry Morgan on Dexter

In Hellraiser: Inferno — a sequel directed by doctor unusual‘s Scott Derrickson, however hated by creator Clive Barker — Pinhead is revealed to have been lurking inside the background of numerous the film in disguise. He takes the variety of Dr. Paul Gregory, a priest and counselor who has intervals with major character Joseph Thorne, a morally corrupt cop. The ending twist is that Joseph’s complete ordeal had been him struggling in Hell, with the Pinhead Hellraiser character pulling the strings from inside as Dr. Gregory. Gregory was performed by James Remar, future Dexter star and prolific character actor, who had oddly ample starred in a tv film titled Inferno simply two years prior.

The service provider (Hellraiser: Hellseeker)

Hellraiser Hellseeker - Doug Bradley as Pinhead Merchant

Hellraiser: Hellseeker, launched two years after Inferno, is unquestionably virtually the identical film in construction. It additionally focuses on a morally corrupt protagonist, this time a particular person named Trevor Gooden. Trevor survives a car accident early inside the story however his spouse would not. In an intriguing twist, it is revealed mentioned spouse was actually Kirsty Cotton. as quickly as extra, it seems Trevor has been struggling in Hell all of the time, as an ingredient of a soul commerce Kirsty made with the Pinhead Hellraiser character. He deserved it although, as Trevor was plotting to kill Kirsty alongside collectively with his mistress. Doug Bradley performs a mysterious service provider who provides Trevor the Lament Configuration early on in his journey, and whereas he is not credited for the half, one can safely assume this service provider is purported to be a disguised Pinhead. The position is credited to the made-up “Charles Stead” for no matter motive, maybe to make Hellraiser followers marvel if that was actually Bradley in that darkish lighting behind the scruffy hair and beard.

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The Hell Priest (Hellraiser 2022)

Hellraiser - Jamie Clayton as Hell Priest

In a stunning selection by Disney, the Hellraiser franchise was resurrected by them in 2022, with Jamie Clayton having fun with the major feminine Pinhead — although, on this iteration, she goes by the “Hell Priest.” Director David Bruckner took the mannequin new Hellraiser Pinhead in a method extra spiritual course. His film is dripping with spiritual symbology, with all the things from the Asphyx that contains praying fingers and the Masque having spiritual textual content material burned into strips of pores and skin. The Pinhead Hellraiser 2022 character primarily acts as a liaison between Leviathan and the people who resolve the Lament configuration, claiming that sacrifices are needed each time somebody solves it. people are given rewards, trades, and “objects” by the mannequin new Pinhead. The protagonist Riley on the tip of Hellraiser decides to merely settle for her brother Matt’s loss of life after the Cenobites supply her a current, and in addition they inform her the present she actually accepted is “lament.”

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