Wednesday's full Addams household Tree defined

WARNING! this textual content material consists of SPOILERS for Wednesday season 1!Wednesday season 1 confirms the existence of eight members on the Addams household tree, collectively with the title character. The Addams household is very notable for the numerous eccentric and supernatural relations referenced by Gomez and Morticia or seen in previous tv displays and flicks. Since Wednesday primarily focuses on the daughter of Gomez and Morticia, the prolonged Addams household bunch is merely sometimes talked about, with Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, and Fester being featured in recurring roles on the Netflix tv current. however, as Wednesday explores her household’s legacy at Nevermore Academy, extra kooky members of the bunch are revealed.

As was the case in previous Addams household diversifications, Wednesday options members of each the Addams and Frump households, as extending from Gomez and Morticia. however, sure Wednesday Easter eggs have steered that properly-acknowledged Addams household characters aren’t alive by the current’s timeline, making it unclear whether or not or not they would possibly actually seem inside the sequence. collectively with bringing again notable characters from The Addams household’s previous, Wednesday introduces new ancestors that bear good significance on the spooky bloodline’s legacy. right here’s a breakdown of the confirmed members of the Addams household tree in Wednesday season 1.

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Goody Addams

Wednesday Season 1 Goody and Wednesday Addams

The oldest-acknowledged member of the Addams household tree is Goody Addams, who’s a mannequin new character created for Wednesday. Since Goody is definitely a sort of Puritan tackle for women, it’s unclear what the character’s exact title is. however, a lot stays to be explored about Goody Addams’ witch background in Wednesday season 1, collectively with that she and her unnamed mom had been supernatural outcasts who immigrated from Mexico to Jericho. it seems that evidently Goody was the one member of her household to survive the hearth set by Joseph Crackstone, which suggests the Addams household bloodline probably traces again to her.

Wednesday season 1 reveals that she used her powers and based the Nightshades Society in Jericho as a approach to defend outcasts from bigoted pilgrims like Joseph Crackstone. Goody may very properly be the place an component of Wednesday Addams’ psychic powers come from, as a outcome of the two are each Ravens who possess sturdy and potent visions of the future. It’s unclear how or when Goody died, however since she was seemingly the one Addams to survive pilgrim Joseph Crackstone’s mass homicide, she needed to have had a toddler that stored her title. in any other case, Goody probably has an unseen brother, cousin, or one other member of the household who maintained the Addams household’s outcast legacy round Jericho.

Cousin Itt

cousin ignatius itt

amongst the numerous iconic characters from The Addams household may not make a bodily look in Wednesday, however he’s nonetheless referenced inside the Netflix sequence. Cousin Itt, the hirsute being who speaks in extreme-pitched gibberish, is seen in a portrait hanging inside the Nightshades Library at Nevermore Academy. Uncle Fester explains that Ignatius “Iggy” Itt was the relevant-hand man to Nathaniel Faulkner and educated a period of Nightshades prolonged earlier than Wednesday’s timeline. Since Fester is so educated about Iggy’s story, it seems he’s a distant cousin on the Addams household tree inside the sequence. Wednesday‘s portrait of Cousin Itt reveals that he was the “Supreme Shade” from 1825-1850 at Nevermore, having seemingly helped Faulkner examine the Hyde species.


Wednesday netflix grandmama

whereas she has but to seem inside the sequence, Grandmama is confirmed as a persona in Wednesday season 1. She’s seen in a single in all Wednesday Addams’ flashbacks to her birthday events as a toddler, with one cake that consists of molds of every member of the household, collectively with Pugsley, Gomez, Morticia, Lurch, Fester, and Grandmama. for the purpose that Addamses’ servants Lurch and factor made frequent appearances at Nevermore in Wednesday season 1, Grandmama’s absence from the story is a thriller.

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Wednesday reveals that The Addams household’s spooky witch character Grandmama exists, however doesn’t confirm whether or not she is Gomez or Morticia’s mom. numerous Addams household diversifications have modified whether or not Grandmama is Wednesday and Pugsley’s maternal or paternal grandmother, so the sequence should reveal whether or not she’s Grandmama Addams or Frump. Grandmama will probably seem in Wednesday season 2’s story, particularly for the purpose that character’s frequent id as a witch matches properly with Nevermore’s supernatural focus.

Gomez Addams

Luis Guzman as Gomez Addams in Wednesday season 1

Portrayed by Luis Guzmán, The Addams household patriarch has a recurring function in Wednesday. whereas his supernatural vitality hasn’t been confirmed, Gomez Addams attended Nevermore Academy in his youth, the place he met his future spouse Morticia Frump. whereas at Nevermore, Gomez was arrested for the homicide of Garrett Gates, however it certainly seems that every one fees had been dropped and that Garrett actually died from Nightshade poison. however, Gomez went on to level proper into a worthwhile lawyer, marry Morticia, and have a daughter Wednesday and a son Pugsley. Wednesday season 1 additionally reveals that Gomez is shut collectively with his brother Fester, however doesn’t confirm which brother was born first.

Morticia Addams (Née Frump)

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams in Netflix's Wednesday

Morticia is in all probability going one in all many members of the Addams household tree who’s related by marriage, as Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Wednesday character married Gomez Addams after the pair fell in love at Nevermore Academy. It’s unclear if Grandmama is Morticia’s mom in Wednesday, however when she’s not, then the character Granny Frump will probably be a persona. It additionally seems that Morticia’s sister Ophelia Frump gained’t be featured in Wednesday, as she talked about Nevermore’s Ophelia hall with out referencing a sister of the identical title. whereas Morticia’s household on the Frump side has but to be explored, she has performed an very important function in furthering the Addams household line by her kids Wednesday and Pugsley.

Uncle Fester Addams


The Addams household‘s eccentric Uncle Fester is performed by Fred Armisen in Wednesday. In Netflix’s Addams household spinoff, Fester is a profession felony with the supernatural vitality to generate electricity, who additionally has a keenness for Wednesday as his favourite member of the household. whereas his relations to the precept characters typically change between diversifications, Uncle Fester Addams is the brother of Gomez and paternal uncle of Wednesday and Pugsley in Tim Burton’s Wednesday.

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Wednesday Addams

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday

The title character turns into entangled in a dangerous homicide thriller at Nevermore Academy in Wednesday season 1, which leads her to evaluation extra about her household historic previous. Wednesday is the eldest youngster of Gomez and Morticia Addams, the older sister of Pugsley, the favourite niece of Uncle Fester, and the granddaughter of Grandmama. It’s unclear what quantity of generations separate Wednesday from Goody, however the two discover your self sharing a detailed psychic bond all by Wednesday season 1. Like Goody Addams and Morticia Frump, Wednesday Addams is a supernaturally-gifted psychic, whose darkish outlook on the world makes her a “Raven.”

Pugsley Addams

Wednesday Netflix Pugsley Addams Isaac Ordonez

The youngest-acknowledged member of the Addams household tree is Pugsley Addams, the second youngster of Gomez and Morticia. As Wednesday’s youthful brother, Pugsley was seemingly used for rather a lot of of her homicidal experiments as kids, however she was additionally fiercely defending of him from others. Pugsley seems to be a pair of years youthful than Wednesday, who started experiencing visions at age 15, so he may not start displaying his supernatural powers till after Wednesday season 2. Since Gomez’s vitality stays to be unknown, Pugsley will probably have a novel potential from the the rest of his household or a psychic present like his mom and sister.

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