Explaining THAT Lyra & Pan Twist In His darkish supplies Season three, Ep 4

Warning: incorporates SPOILERS for His darkish supplies season three, episode 4, “Lyra and Her dying,” as effectively as to Philip Pullman’s book The Amber Spyglass.Lyra Belacqua and her daemon, Pantalaimon, are pressured to separate in His darkish supplies season three, episode 4, “Lyra and Her dying,” so the earlier can journey to the land of the lifeless, with massive implications for the prolonged time period. Even by normal human-daemon requirements, Lyra (Dafne eager) and Pan (package Connor) have been proven as terribly shut in His darkish supplies, and one in every of the best event of how daemons are a manifestation of a particular person’s soul. sadly, whereas that is typically been a optimistic, it is now been used to heartbreaking influence.


Ever since His darkish supplies season 2’s publish-credit scene, Lyra has been having desires of her good friend, Roger Parslow (Lewin Lloyd). Overtaken by guilt for his dying by the fingers of her father, Lord Asriel (James McAvoy), Lyra is decided to attain the land of the lifeless and ostensibly rescue Roger, regardless of the payment – even when that price is her daemon. The boatman who takes the deceased throughout the water refuses to let Pan come aboard, insisting it is an unbreakable rule that daemons can not go along with people to the land of the lifeless. it is a devastating, painful twist as a lot for viewers as a consequence of it is Lyra and Pan themselves, although fortunately not all is misplaced for them.

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Why Lyra may not Take Pan To The Land Of The lifeless (& what goes to Left Behind)

Lyra and the boatman in His Dark Materials

as a consequence of His darkish supplies‘ daemons are souls (or manifestations of), they’re going to’t enter the land of the lifeless. When a particular person dies, it is solely an component of them that goes there, typically acknowledged as their ghost – their corpse stays behind, and their daemon dies with them, turning into mud. The ghost is what continues on, to be guided by their dying to the land of the lifeless. it is on account of this Lyra has to go away Pan behind, and the identical is true of Will Parry (Amir Wilson). although he would not have a daemon at this level, he too should go away his personal soul behind with the intention to enter the land of the lifeless.

Are Lyra & Pantalaimon Severed?

Lyra leaving Pan in His Dark Materials

Lyra and Pantalaimon aren’t severed inside the identical means as Roger was by Lord Asriel or how Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson) was making an try to do the kids at Bolvangar, however they’re separated in a style which will go away a everlasting mark upon them. When individuals are absolutely severed, they typically die or are left alive solely on a technicality, as briefly seen with Billy Costa (or Tony Makarios inside the His darkish supplies books). fortunately, Lyra and Pan maintain away from that variety of destiny – they are going to be reunited, and her daemon stays an component of her.

instead, Lyra and Pan’s separation in His darkish supplies season three, episode 4 is extra akin to what the witches bear. as quickly as they’re youthful, His darkish supplies‘ witches partake in a trial that includes them visiting a land inside the North the place their daemons can not go. this means their daemons can journey good distances from them, and is why they always settle as birds. Lyra and Pantalaimon’s destiny isn’t precisely the identical (Pan will not settle as a chicken, however a pine marten, and Lyra will not fly or reside as prolonged as witches do), however it certainly’s very associated and one in every of the best event (collectively with shamans similar to Will’s father, John Parry, and his daemon) for what to anticipate from their relationship inside the tip.

What occurs To Lyra & Pantalaimon After His darkish supplies Season three Ep 4

Lyra and Pan in His Dark Materials season 3

The land of the lifeless is dominated over by the Authority and guarded by harpies, who see the worst in all people and feed off the ghosts’ misery, which is why Roger and all of the others there are trapped in such a miserable afterlife. After swaying the harpies to her side by telling her story, Lyra and might are ready to free the ghosts. Will cuts a window into one other land (His darkish supplies‘ mulefa world, the place Dr. Mary Malone at the second is), and when the ghosts cross by means of they vanish into the ether, lastly discovering peace.

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Lyra and Pan discover every fully different as quickly as extra as effectively. Pan makes an escape of his personal from the land of the lifeless, going by means of one window after which one other and one other, till his and Lyra’s paths converge inside the mulefa world. Even then, Pan retains his distance from Lyra, initially remaining out of sight as a approach of punishment, nonetheless the two are in the end drawn again collectively. nonetheless, although they finish again on good phrases, not all the pieces is as a consequence of it was. Philip Pullman’s sequel to the His darkish supplies books, the key Commonwealth, picks up 10 years later and has Lyra and Pan falling out, more and more irritated and at-odds with every fully different. they might not be severed, however there is a separation between them.

His darkish supplies season three releases new episodes Mondays on HBO.

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