What The Documentary Leaves Out

this textual content material accommodates a dialogue of Charles Cullen’s exact-life crimes, collectively with homicide.

Warning: SPOILERS about Capturing The Killer Nurse forward.Netflix’s Capturing the Killer Nurse presents an in depth account of the true story behind the investigation into Charles Cullen as depicted in the good Nurse, but some particulars are disregarded from the documentary. based mostly on Charles Graeber’s guide the good Nurse: a exact Story of madness, medicine, and homicide, Capturing the Killer Nurse retraces the steps of the investigation that led to Cullen’s arrest in 2003. The documentary was launched on Netflix on November eleven, 2022, round two weeks after the true crime drama impressed by the identical guide debuted on the streaming platform.


whereas the complete picture of the investigation Capturing the Killer Nurse presents is variety of detailed and right, some particulars regarding the aftermath of Charles Cullen’s arrest are left unsaid. starting from the suspicious dying of Reverend Florian Gall that prompted the inside investigation, Capturing the Killer Nurse introduces all of the these who started second-guessing Charles Cullen’s actions, later recognized as a quantity of murders, earlier than they realized the whole extent of what was occurring. in distinction to the good Nurse, the true story behind the investigation is all laid naked inside the Netflix documentary, however not a lot is alleged about what occurred after Cullen was arrested. right here’s what Capturing the Killer Nurse leaves out from the true story.

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Capturing The Killer Nurse precisely particulars The Investigation

Danny Baldwin and Tim Braun in Capturing the Killer Nurse

in contrast with the good Nurse, Capturing the Killer Nurse presents extra perception into all of the occasions that led to the investigation making large strides after it started haltingly. The Netflix documentary introduces extra people shut to Charles Cullen at Somerset Medical center moreover Amy Loughren. one other nurse acknowledged as Donna Hargreaves felt simply as a lot betrayed by Cullen as Loughren after his killing was unveiled, and her work life was additionally impacted. furthermore, the documentary additionally reveals how these on the Poison administration center have been the principal to think about there was a killer on the free.

the good Nurse’s telling of the true story was right, however some parts are nonetheless averted. Capturing the Killer Nurse might shine extra mild on Cullen’s earlier arrests and what his spouse accused him of precisely up to now, however what occurred after Cullen’s arrest and sentencing is significantly missed. certainly, the hospitals’ misgivings unveiled by the case, collectively with the affect it had on the people involved, are all excluded from the narrative in Capturing the Killer Nurse. This makes the Netflix documentary a compelling account of every thing involved with the investigation whereas leaving a lot unsaid regarding the aftermath of Cullen’s arrest and sentencing.

one other legal guidelines Was handed past “The Cullen legal guidelines”

Charles Cullen in archival footage in Capturing the Killer Nurse

Capturing the Killer Nurse makes a diploma of Charles Cullen being held accountable for the murders he dedicated that have been identifiable finally, whereas the hospitals that enabled him weren’t. Capturing the Killer Nurse reiterates the good Nurse’s ending photographs explaining how there have been no felony proceedings in direction of the hospitals that employed Cullen. nonetheless, the documentary additionally unveils how all of the hospitals supported the 2004 passage of the “Cullen legal guidelines,” or affected person safety Act, which “requires healthcare suppliers to report again to the state any worker’s impairment, incompetence, or misconduct that would have an effect on affected person safety.”

Capturing the Killer Nurse leaves out the passage of one other legal guidelines. the mannequin new Jersey State Legislature handed the Enhancement Act in 2005, which requires hospitals to report restricted information about healthcare professionals they make use of to the Division of shopper Affairs whereas additionally retaining information of all complaints and disciplinary actions referring to the care of their sufferers for seven years. The affected person safety Act and the Enhancement Act have been handed in 35 completely different states, although Graeber’s guide states, “Tright here is not any penalty or civil authorized accountability for hospitals that fail to conform.”

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Amy Loughren modified Careers After Cullen’s Arrest

Amy Loughren in Capturing the Killer Nurse

What occurred to Amy Loughren after Charles Cullen’s arrest was additionally disregarded by Capturing the Killer Nurse. regardless of the Netflix documentary painting an picture of somebody very devoted to her sufferers, in telling Amy Loughren’s story, it focuses primarily on her involvement in main the detectives Tim Braun and Danny Baldwin on the relevant path to understanding what the hospital papers had acknowledged. Capturing the Killer Nurse, in a means, goes further than the good Nurse, as a consequence of the documentary additionally accommodates Loughren’s reminiscences regarding one affected person she now believes Cullen murdered beneath her eyes.

nonetheless, Capturing the Killer Nurse doesn’t delve into how a lot these realizations impacted Loughren’s life. After Cullen’s arrest, Loughren decided to take a break from her profession. rather than returning to being a nurse, she chosen to change proper into a Reiki grasp, a hypnotherapist, a meditation teacher, and extra.

The Hospitals using Cullen Blamed every completely different inside the Civil matches

Dennis Miller, CEO and president of Somerset Medical Center, in archival footage in Capturing the Killer Nurse

Netflix’s true crime documentary Capturing the Killer Nurse omits Cullen’s victims’ households’ civil matches in direction of the hospitals that employed him, solely letting Charles Graeber expose that there have been no felony proceedings in direction of them. nonetheless, after Cullen’s felony conviction, the civil matches in direction of the hospitals adopted, and Somerset Medical center actually motioned so as to add Saint Luke’s Hospital as a third-social gathering defendant, making it clear that the hospitals have been blaming every completely different with out taking accountability.

although the matches have been settled out of courtroom, sealing the recordsdata, some knowledge is supplied, collectively with the decide’s decision to side in direction of Saint Luke’s. There was proof that regardless of Saint Luke’s Hospital’s impartial references for Cullen, they acknowledged as completely different hospitals to inform them of his “do not rehire” standing. nonetheless, they did not inform Somerset and shield sufferers which might have been beneath Cullen’s care, effectively deciding “who will reside and who will die,” as a consequence of the decide dominated.

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Cullen’s Sentencing Wasn’t The final Time He Made information

Charles Cullen in archival footage from Capturing the Killer Nurse and Lucille Gall, sister of victim Reverend Gall, in Capturing the Killer Nurse

simply like how the good Nurse didn’t replace Cullen’s story previous his arrest, Capturing the Killer Nurse solely reveals glimpses from his trial and divulges his 18 consecutive life sentences. nonetheless, Graeber’s guide unveiled that Cullen made the information additionally in jail. certainly, Cullen thought-about donating a kidney to his ex-girlfriend’s brother.

nonetheless, his victims’ households have been in direction of Cullen donating a kidney, not solely as that brought on him to make the headlines as quickly as as quickly as extra however in addition as a consequence of the causes for which Cullen wished to pursue that have been completely unknown. Cullen finally had his means and managed to donate the kidney earlier than returning to his common life in jail. regardless of Capturing the Killer Nurse omitting this element from Cullen’s story, finally, it nonetheless precisely depicts the occasions ensuing in the arrest, and extra importantly, it highlights the system’s failures to cease him and the system’s lack of accountability.

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