Wait, what quantity of Mummies Did Brendan Fraser Kill inside the mom Trilogy?

Brendan Fraser’s Rick O’Connell saved the world thrice all by way of the mom saga, and this is what quantity of mummies he needed to kill inside the approach.

Brendan Fraser’s Rick O’Connell killed rather masses of mummies in the mom trilogy. 1999’s the mom had a protracted highway to the large display, with the enterprise starting as a smaller, horror-focused remake of the common Monsters traditional. Filmmakers like George A. Romero and Clive Barker developed takes, however it absolutely was Stephen Sommers who landed the job. His pitch merged the mom with Indiana Jones, and a shock subject-office smash was born. collectively with receiving two direct Mummy film sequels – 2001’s the mom Returns and 2008’s The Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor – the trilogy additionally acquired a spin-off saga with The Scorpion King movies.


whereas the reception to the mom sequels was (rightfully) mixed, the 1999 film is fondly regarded. an large an factor of that is proper down to Fraser’s endearing efficiency as protagonist Rick O’Connell, with the function combining the actor’s expertise for bodily comedy and movement. Rick additionally racked up a extreme bodycount of each human characters and mummies all by way of the sequence – although whether or not a mummy can technically be killed since they’re already lifeless is one other question.

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Fraser’s Rick Kills rather masses of Mummies

The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Brendan Fraser Maria Bello

For a goofy summer season blockbuster, the mom – which has a subtle timeline – has a horrific killcount. in holding with All Out Of Bubblegun, the bodycount of the distinctive is over 250. Human characters are likely to die in nasty methods too, collectively with being melted by acid or eaten alive by scarabs. For masses of the runtime, Rick is both slaying attacking people or these possessed by villain Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo). in the course of the finale, he and his associates are attacked by Imhotep’s resurrected mummy monks. by the function the credit roll, Rick has dispatched fifty seven of them through shotgun, dynamite or sword. He additionally slays the (briefly) resurrected Imhotep.

the mom Returns as quickly as extra sees Rick largely battling human foes, although an early chase has him dispatch one other Imhotep priest through shotgun. in the course of the finale of the Brendan Fraser horror film, he is attacked by a navy of cannibal pygmy mummies; he makes use of a double barrel to take down two, and a effectively-positioned stick of dynamite destroys one other 22, bringing the killcount for Rick as a lot as 25. Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor sees Rick taking down 35 Terracotta mummies in the course of the finale. His remaining kill is Jet Li’s Han, who’s slain after being stabbed by Rick and his son Alex. So throughout the trilogy, Rick “killed” 118 mummies in complete.

may the mom 4 nonetheless happen?

Brendan Fraser Mummy 4

whereas the mom three was worthwhile, its grosses had been noticeably decrease than the predominant two. whereas a fourth Mummy dubbed Rise Of The Aztecs was developed with Fraser set to return, this was later canned and the sequence rebooted itself with Tom Cruise’s failed franchise starter the mom in 2017. With Fraser on the verge of a comeback due to The Whale, it feels simply like the probabilities of the mom 4 are greater than ever. he is confirmed he is open to returning, and a legacy sequel could be a nice throwback to an older period of blockbuster filmmaking – it is solely a question of studios seeing the worth in it.

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