Scott Has an excellent level regarding the previous Santa inside the Santa Clauses

Warning: accommodates spoilers for The Santa Clauses episodes 1 & 2.

Scott Calvin raises a pertinent level about his St. Nick predecessor in The Santa Clauses. as a consequence of the fourth chapter in The Santa Clause franchise, the Disney+ mini-collection The Santa Clauses reveals Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) making the most vital decision to retire as Santa Claus. Scott’s decision is made with the intent of constructing a mannequin new life for his spouse Carol, aka Mrs. Claus (Elizabeth Mitchell), and kids Cal (Austin Kane) and Sandra (Elizabeth Allen-Dick) exterior of the North Pole, however there are completely different elements.


Since The Santa Clause film’s timeframe, an enhance in cynicism and unhealthy habits worldwide has induced Scott’s magic as Santa to diminish, with Scott even sliding off a roof and solely narrowly surviving. After the elves on the North Pole particular good discount upon Scott’s return, he makes the commentary that they did not seem equally involved regarding the final Santa’s destiny when Scott first arrived on the North Pole in The Santa Clause. In mentioning this disparity in response by the elves out, The Santa Clauses may presumably be making ready viewers for an appropriate introduction to the final Santa.

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Did The Santa earlier than Scott actually Die inside the Santa Clause?

Santa and Charlie on a sled in The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause is surprisingly obscure about what turned of the Santa earlier than Scott. After being startled by Scott and sliding off the roof, Santa lies immobile inside the snow, feebly waving at Scott and Charlie (Eric Lloyd) when their backs are turned, and disappearing off-digicam. Per the zany guidelines of “The Santa Clause“, Scott unintentionally takes up Santa’s mantle “in placing on the swimsuit and coming into the sleigh“, however no clear particulars are ever given for what occurred to the completely different Santa.

“The Santa Clause” stipulates that any new Santa successor is to maintain inside the function till he can now not obtain this “by both accident or design.” The “design” an aspect of the contract seemingly contains voluntary retirement upon reaching retirement age as Scott has, nonetheless the “accident” half is basically the most telling for the earlier Santa. By vanishing utterly with Scott altering into the mannequin new Santa in his absence, plainly the Santa Claus earlier than Scott, sadly, did certainly die from his fall.

The Santa Clauses Can lastly reply A 1994 film question


Scott’s perplexity that his elves seem methodology extra involved about his properly-being than the final Santa is certainly a thriller that deserves a proof. whereas the elves may strongly dislike Martin brief’s Jack Frost, it is exhausting to think about the elves had any purpose to really feel the identical about any earlier Santa, given he was the jolliest man on Earth. the reply may lie much less with the completely different Santa himself and extra with how beloved Scott has develop to be as St. Nick.

as a consequence of the Easter Bunny (Jay Thomas) factors out in The Santa Clause 2, the happiness of kids world huge has shot up by 86% since Scott took over as Santa, so the elves may merely have a stronger attachment to him. Even so, the whole absence of any mourning by the elves on the scarcity of Scott’s Santa predecessor raises questions regarding the elves’ relationship with the earlier Santa. With Scott himself calling consideration to this, The Santa Clauses may lastly shine a lightweight on who the final Santa Claus was (and ought to even confirm a idea about Bernard the Elf, too).

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