Is The Santa Clauses’ Befana an exact Legend? The Christmas Witch defined

Warning! SPOILERS with reference to the Santa Clauses episode three forward.

Disney’s The Santa Clauses episode three sees The Santa Clause sequel introduce the Befana, whom Scott describes as a witch – listed beneath are the Christmas witch and the legend behind the character defined. Scott’s (Tim Allen) realization that the proper he might do for his household could be leaving his put up as Santa in The Santa Clauses episode 2 makes his daughter Sandra (Elizabeth Allen-Dick) search for assist and assist inside the Wobbly Woods. certainly, moreover animals and her household, there’s one other particular person Sandra trusts ample to open up to, somebody Scott/Santa refers to as a consequence of the Christmas Witch in The Santa Clauses episode three, however who prefers to be referred to as by her real title, Befana (Laura San Giacomo).


Disney’s The Santa Clauses precisely depicts the Befana, which is, to this present day, nonetheless a Christmas staple for heaps of who have a good time the journey in Italy. The legend behind the Befana describes her as a raveled outdated woman bringing candies or coal to youngsters counting on whether or not or not they’d misbehaved or had been deemed good, very similar to the Christmas witch explains in The Santa Clauses episode three. The legend with reference to the Befana is stored alive in Italy with nursery rhymes, and the character is effectively acknowledged on Epiphany day and beforehand when markets devoted to her seem all by Italian metropolis squares to mark the Christmas holidays’ finish.

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How The Christmas Witch Compares To Santa In Italian Folklore

Laura San Giacomo as the Christmas Witch and Tim Allen as Santa Claus in The Santa Clauses

Santa Claus and the Befana coexist in Italian folklore and are believed to share similarities with spiritual figures like Saint Nick inside the case of Santa Claus (very similar to fully different European nations and extra) and Saint Lucia for the Befana. The Santa Clauses’ Christmas Witch hints on the Befana’s ancientness, and whereas she does so jokingly taking a jab at outdated occasions’ guidelines that brought on witches to not “get a sleigh mortgage and by no means using a warlock to cosign,” she reveals one factor true with reference to the legend inspiring her character. certainly, whereas Santa Claus has show to be a part of the Italian Christmas celebrations comparatively these days, the Befana has been round for longer.

Why Befana is claimed To Be A Witch inside the Christmas Legend

Laura San Giacomo as the Christmas Witch La Befana in The Santa Clauses

No particular powers had been attributed to the Befana in accordance with the legend. nonetheless, given her considerably unkempt look – a well-known Italian nursery rhyme mentions her run-down footwear – her outdated age and the utilization of a brush to journey round, it’d make sense for the Befana to be mistaken for a witch. nonetheless, The Santa Clauses’ Befana makes some extent to separate herself from extra widespread witches, and technically, Scott is true in The Santa Clauses episode three when he makes use of the offensive time period hag to outline her pretty than take into account her a witch, as which will be the title’s right translation.

spiritual variations of the legend attribute the Befana’s position of bringing candies or coal to kids as an reply to make up for refusing the three sensible males’s supply to go together with them to go to little one Jesus. nonetheless, marking winter’s arrival with the presence of outdated feminine figures traced again to pagan occasions and even to historic Rome, after they believed that feminine figures would fly above fields on brooms to bless future harvests inside the 12 nights between the winter solstice and the Sol Invictus celebration. whether or not pagan or spiritual, Befana-like figures existed in Italian folklore for a full bunch of years, and their presence always had a constructive connotation, making the utilization of witch to clarify the Befana barely counterintuitive.

Is The Santa Clauses’ Christmas Witch Good Or unhealthy?

Laura San Giacomo as the Christmas Witch in The Santa Clauses

The Befana is a pivotal character of The Santa Clauses episode three, regardless of displaying solely briefly. although mentioning the phrase witch to Simon (Kal Penn) makes him fearful, particularly believing his daughter in her agency, and Scott/Santa’s angle in direction of the Christmas Witch is impartial at best, the Befana is definitely a constructive character even in The Santa Clauses. Laura San Giacomo’s character embodies the qualities of the Italian folklore decide, as she proves supportive of Sandra.

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certainly, the one motive Sandra and marvel (Rupali Redd) discover themselves inside the Wobbly Woods is Sandra’s want for assist and assist from somebody who isn’t in her household, as they’re all excited to maneuver away from the North Pole. The Christmas Witch ought to not be solely unabashedly on her side, however she’s additionally central to creating Scott understand that Sandra’s feelings had been left missed. Hopefully, The Santa Clauses will proceed honoring different Christmas traditions very similar to it did with Italian folklore’s Befana.

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