How Lord Of The Rings Would Change If The Witch-King actually Killed Frodo

The Witch-King of Angmar stabbing Frodo Baggins was a surprising second in The Lord of the Rings, and had Frodo died center-earth would have been a very utterly different place. Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring noticed Frodo take a seemingly lethal blow from the Ringwraith chief’s Morgul-blade. issues labored out after Frodo was stabbed by the Witch-King in Fellowship, as a outcome of the quick actions of Aragorn and Arwen preserved the youthful Hobbit’s life. Had he not been saved, this darkish weapon wouldn’t solely have killed Frodo however condemned him to a destiny worse than loss of life.


nonetheless, an alternate timeline the place they weren’t quick enough would give Lord of the Rings a very utterly different story and a far bleaker ending. Frodo was great for destroying the One Ring, whereas Samwise Gamgee and Gollum had been additionally integral to the mission’s success by serving to it get to Mordor. Had any of the trio died earlier, the Ring would virtually definitely have by no means been destroyed, and Sauron would as quickly as as quickly as extra have dominated the world of males, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits.

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The Witch-King’s Assault On Frodo virtually Turned Him proper into a Wraith

Frodo stabbed by Ringwraith in Fellowship of the Ring

As talked about in The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo would have develop to be simply like the Nazgûl, a Wraith, had he not been saved. nonetheless, what was not talked about inside the flicks was the specifics of what Frodo’s destiny as a Wraith would appear to be. In The Fellowship of the Ring book, Gandalf confirmed that Frodo wouldn’t develop to be one in every of Lord of the Rings‘ Ringwraiths, as he would now not possess the One Ring, however would reasonably change proper into a “lesser Wraith,” wandering center-earth in everlasting torture.

in spite of all the things, this can have meant a swift finish to Frodo’s journey as a outcome of the Ringbearer. The Council of Elrond would seemingly have convened with a extra solemn environment as a outcome of the Hobbits, Aragorn, and Gandalf mourned their fallen pal. it may even have meant that Frodo would have by no means met the selection members of the Fellowship, and would by no means have reunited with Bilbo inside the flicks, who would all have been devastated by his destiny.

Samwise Gamgee Was the plain Successor To Frodo

Sam raising a crystal in The Lord of the Rings.

it is seemingly that the remaining three Hobbits, Merry Brandybuck, Pippin Took, and Samwise Gamgee, would have nonetheless adopted the celebration to regroup in Rivendell. nonetheless, whether or not or not they’d have nonetheless sneaked in to watch the Council of Elrond convene and discuss about the destiny of the One Ring is unclear. it is extra seemingly that the three would have sought to return to the Shire, feeling defeated after shedding their pal. nonetheless, a mannequin new Ringbearer would nonetheless have been required to make optimistic the Ring reached Mount Doom. The purest particular person current on the Council, Samwise, would have been apparent to a being as clever as Gandalf the grey.

Even earlier than his triumphant assault on Cirith Ungol in Return of the King, it was clear that Samwise was the bravest and most loyal Hobbit amongst the various Fellowship. He had even stood as a lot as a outcome of the Nazgûl to save tons of “Mr. Frodo,” earlier than being pushed aside. it would have been seemingly that Gandalf acknowledged these qualities in Sam. He would even have been very conscious that simply corrupted males like Boromir would search to make the most of the Ring for themselves. realizing the One Ring wouldn’t corrupt a Hobbit as a lot, and seeing Sam’s pure bravery, Gandalf would have seemingly launched Sam to the meeting and made him the mannequin new Ringbearer.

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Sam’s Journey With Gollum wouldn’t Have Lasted prolonged In LOTR

Frodo, Sam, and Gollum held prisoner in Lord of the Rings.

After Samwise took the Ring, the flicks would have probably performed out equally to how they did with Frodo. Gandalf would have seemingly appeared to have been killed by the Balrog of Morgoth, Boromir would have tried to steal the Ring after which be killed by the Uruk-Hai, and Sam would have decided to go off alone. nonetheless, this time he actually would have been alone. He would have ventured on the path in direction of Mount Doom with out one other members of the Fellowship, main into the occasions of the two Towers. this can have marked the best departure inside the story, as Sam’s relationship with Gollum would have doomed center-earth.

As in the two Towers, Sam would have met Gollum on the path to Mordor’s Mount Doom. nonetheless, not like Frodo, Sam was immediately hostile in direction of Gollum inside the exact film. inside the darker timeline, Sam would have been feeling the burden of the Ring and will have shared extra of Frodo’s compassion for a fellow Ringbearer. Sam and Gollum can have traveled collectively for a whereas, however their conflicting personalities would have inevitably clashed and likely turned violent with out Frodo to mediate. It seems seemingly that Sam and Gollum would have shortly ended up combating, with one in every of them probably killing the selection for the Ring.

regardless of Sam’s Good coronary heart, center-earth can be Doomed with out Frodo

Middle-earth Sauron

with out Gollum to information him, Sam would have ended up misplaced in Mordor, simply as he and Frodo had been earlier than meeting Smeagol in the two Towers film. Sam would have seemingly ended up being killed by orcs or utterly different servants of Sauron. although Sam would have in all probability prevented the temptation of the Ring as a lot as attainable, his isolation and brutal encounter with Gollum (assuming he survived) would have left him determined and alone. whether or not Sam was caught or killed, the Ring would have inevitably ended up precisely the place it needed to be, on Sauron’s finger.

With Sauron again in cost of the One Ring, the forces of center-earth would have been powerless to cease the darkish lord. The Free people had been already hopelessly outnumbered by his forces when destroying the Ring was the one approach to defeat Sauron in Lord of the Rings. as a outcome of the Ring would have amplified his powers, it would have been utterly unattainable for anyone to cease him, even an extremely extremely effective being like Galadriel. primarily, the seemingly small act of the Witch-King effectively killing Frodo inside the important Lord of the Rings film would have created the darkest timeline for center-earth.

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