every Disney Easter Egg & Reference In Disenchanted

It is clever for Disney+’s Disenchanted to be full of Easter eggs and references to fully different Disney movies. Disenchanted is Disney’s sequel to the 2007 reside-movement fairytale Enchanted, which follows an animated princess after she’s expelled into the true world and finds her fortunately ever after. From start to full, Disenchanted is full of whimsical references to many iconic fairytale tropes, however the film goes out of its methodology to incorporate particular nods to Disney’s variations of the tales that viewers might have missed.


Like Enchanted, Disenchanted performs on Disney’s fairytale tropes, simply a few of which have been used for many years. a combination of reside-movement and animation, the flicks mix fairytale ideas with the actuality of the true world. Not solely do a lot of Disney’s fairytale tropes proceed to level out up in Giselle’s life, however direct references to fully different Disney movies happen each out and in of the “exact world.”

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starting Out As A Storybook

jungle book opening storybook

very associated to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping magnificence, The Jungle e-book, Pinocchio, Robin Hood, and extra, Disenchanted is “study” from a storybook. In its opening scene, the chipmunk Pip is studying the story of the essential film to his two kids. After ending the e-book, he informs them there’s extra to the story and pulls out a second storybook which contains the sequel’s story.

Singing With Animals

Snow White singing to a bird in Disney's Snow White in the woods hiding with her animals

whereas all Disney princesses appear to have a reference to animals and nature, simply a few of them have the flexibility to take it a step extra, seemingly in a place to converse with them regardless of the exact simple actuality that the animals don’t truly converse. Giselle’s capability to sing collectively with and converse to all of the animals in her neighborhood follows the pattern set by Disney’s oldest princess movies: Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping magnificence all attribute scenes which showcase their heroines talking with birds, mice, and all types of fully different animals. typically, animals in Disney movies even assist the princesses in duties or current them with agency and luxurious.

The Three Good Fairies

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather gather in Sleeping Beauty

of their pink, inexperienced, and blue outfits, the three gardeners at work when Giselle’s household strikes in are costumed to look to be the three good fairies from Sleeping magnificence. They even current to babysit and level out that they’re particularly good at “nap time.” This refers again to the actuality that in Sleeping magnificence, after Maleficent’s curse, the three good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather enhance Aurora as their very personal for sixteen years, maintaining her safe till the princess is reunited collectively with her dad and mom. The parallel is solidified when Giselle’s spell goes into influence and gives them exact fairy wings

Sentient household dwelling equipment

Giselle's Talking Appliances In Disenchanted.jpg

regular objects that converse and function all on their very personal are a clear reference to magnificence and the Beast. In that film, the dwelling equipment are all household staff who’ve been cursed, which begs the question: have been these new additions to Giselle’s dwelling as quickly as her neighbors?

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“Be Our visitor”

Lumiere in the finale of Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast

as a outcome of the townspeople of the newly-created Monroelasia sing about their magical on a daily basis life, one in all many lyrics they chant is “Be our visitor!” this might probably be a reference to the well-known music in magnificence and the Beast, a film that options many equally Broadway-like musical numbers.

“depraved Stepmothers Have Cats”

cinderella cat (1)

When Pip transforms from a chipmunk proper into a cat, Giselle makes the remark that stepmothers have cats rather than candy animal companions like Disney princesses do. basically the most prolific depraved stepmother from Disney’s library, woman Tremaine from Cinderella, had a pet cat who was simply as depraved as its mistress. He was even named Lucifer!

Midnight Countdown

cinderella midnight clock

Few fairytales are full and by no means using a midnight deadline, and Disenchanted isn’t any exception. Cinderella is extra likely to be basically the most iconic use of the clock tower’s chimes as a countdown gadget.

Morgan’s “Ariel” Pose

Ariel sings on a rock as water splashes behind her in the Little Mermaid

on the tip of her music “good,” all by means of which she sings about her want to be her personal particular person, Morgan leans over a pile of bins simply as a townswoman splashes a bucket of water behind her. The seen influence of this pose in entrance of the water is harking again to Ariel from The Little Mermaid. moreover many film posters, Ariel (Disney’s solely non-human princess) may probably be featured in that pose after singing “an aspect of Your World,” the place she expresses associated wishes to what Morgan is wishing: feeling at odds with the world spherical her.

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Villain music Visuals

Snow White receiving the poisoned apple in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

all by means of the joint-villain music Giselle and Malvina sing collectively, Malvina goes by means of her cupboards to discover a methodology to rid herself of her new rival. amongst them are a quantity of acquainted devices utilized by disney villains to rid themselves of princesses. A spinning wheel may probably be seen inside the background in a reference to the sleeping curse in Sleeping magnificence. As she opens the cupboards, eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed a rose in a glass case, a vial labeled “drink me,” and a poisoned apple (references to magnificence and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White respectively) earlier than Malvina decides on a sleeping potion.

Morgan’s costume Transformation

Cinderella's dress transformation

When Morgan’s tattered costume is reworked into an beautiful ballgown, the animation mimics the exact transformation that takes place in Cinderella. In Cinderella’s case, that is what she must have the flexibility to attend a royal ball, however Morgan’s transformation was a pleasing by-product of an even larger magic working to revive order to the world by means of Giselle’s wishing tree.

Let It… Go?

Elsa from Frozen by Cinderella's castle and carriage

all by means of her music with regard to the flexibility of affection and recollections, Nancy sings “let it develop, let it glow” regarding the recollections in question. Not solely is that this a lyrical reference to Frozen’s well-known music, Let It Go, however the voice is extra likely to be acquainted as properly. Nancy is performed by Idina Menzel, who additionally lent her vocal abilities to Elsa.

Fairytale Outfits

disenchanted giselle singing

No fairytale film is full with out iconic clothes, and Disney’s aren’t any exception. all by means of Monroelasia, Giselle’s fairytale mannequin of Monroeville, the characters are styled to mirror their counterparts as they’ve appeared in Disney movies. After making her want, Giselle wears a flowy blue-and-pink nightgown, trying like Cinderella’s fairy godmother. Morgan’s informal frock is very associated to the rags that Disney’s unique mistreated stepdaughter, Snow White, wears inside the start of her film. Tyson, inside the position of Prince Charming, is styled after the princes in each Snow White and Cinderella. Malvina’s two “minions,” Ruby and Rosaleen attend the pageant trying very very associated to Cinderella’s two ugly stepsisters, Anastasia and Drusilla.

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