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Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova are two of the nation’s most well-known drag queens. you’ll possibly know them from their time as contestants on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” the place they dazzled viewers with their enormous platinum blonde wigs, and extra at the second from their YouTube movies, the place they converse about movement pictures, epic drag performances and, sure, even straight people.


TRIXIE MATTEL: hear, all of us have mothers and dads, and in addition they’re in all probability straight. they are not all unhealthy.

KATYA ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: No, I acquired here from a gay lake.

MATTEL: Do you assume the ratio of…

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: i used to be fished out of the water.

MATTEL: Loch Ness Monster.


FLORIDO: Now Trixie and Katya have poured their comedic chops proper into a mannequin new self-assist e-book. it is referred to as “Working women: Trixie And Katya’s information To expert Womanhood.” and in addition they’re right here to current us a pair of of their solutions. Trixie, welcome to ALL issues thought of.

MATTEL: thanks. howdy, NPR. howdy previous people commuting. howdy.

FLORIDO: And welcome to you, Katya.

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: thanks heaps for having me. it is a very an honor. hear, i like NPR – lifelong listener. and that i have acquired a poster of Terry Gross in my bed room since i used to be sixteen. So it is a dream come true, actually. it is a dream come true.

FLORIDO: And rather a lot of pleasing for me, too. you already know, there is not any scarcity of suggestion books on the market. And in your intro, you acknowledge that it is a e-book offering profession suggestion for women written by to out-of-contact drag queens with decrease than 10 years of expert expertise between you.


FLORIDO: What did you assume women attempting to succeed at work might be taught from two out-of-contact drag queens?

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: effectively, i really feel it is in all probability technically extra of a self-damage e-book barely than a self-assist e-book. however your description, i really feel, reveals the engaging, like, heavy-handed irony or satire of all of the undertaking. So, you already know, it is all a grain of salt and tongue in cheek, i might say.

MATTEL: and likewise, we’re very Hollywood. So, you already know, by approach of self-assist, simply be pleased we did not make you pay $forty,000 to go to a retreat in Modesto or one factor, you already know?


MATTEL: I say swindling you for, you already know, a pair of dollars for a e-book, i really feel people acquired off simple.

FLORIDO: Twenty-eight dollars is what it says. Yeah. Not a foul deal.


FLORIDO: (Laughter).


FLORIDO: effectively, can we bounce proper into a pair of your solutions?

MATTEL: sure.


FLORIDO: i really feel one factor a lot of people have actually struggled with is how one can transfer forward at work now that we’re on this new sort of distant work setting. a lot of people have so little face time with their bosses. So it is sort of sturdy to navigate this new work setting that everyone resides by means of. however you additionally appear to imagine that distant work presents all types of latest potential. Like what?

MATTEL: effectively, for event, like, i’ve workers, a lot of them. And typically, they earn money working from dwelling, and typically, they do not. and that i am sure that everyone will say that they are super productive. however i do know that after i am on Grindr and that i converse to some man who works from dwelling, i am like, what are you as a lot as? to start with, he is on Grindr working from dwelling – time theft. Second of all, typically they flat out say, oh, i am simply, you already know, working from dwelling, so I transfer the mouse every 10 minutes so as that the server thinks i am doing one factor.


MATTEL: So the actuality is someplace inside the center. There are the busy bees at dwelling. after which there’s the, you already know, flying beneath the radar. however that is sort of why Katya I current – we current very effectively as co-authors on this curiosity as a consequence of i am a psychotic workaholic. and she or he is regardless of the selection of that will be.

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: as an example a bit-hating recluse.

MATTEL: Yeah. What do you name retired if you happen to by no means actually did something to start with?

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: Lazy (laughter) unemployable. I imply, i really feel that one among many issues – you already know, like, particularly the – establishing any work-life steadiness or work-life boundaries when all of the work-life invades the dwelling space, i really feel it is simply actually very important to make sort of, like, invisible boundaries. And for event, akin to you presumably can have a coverage in your entrance room, like, if that is the place your laptop computer’s arrange that you merely should put on a swimsuit there it would not matter what. after which you definately change – if you happen to go into the bed room, even to solely seize one factor, you should take off the gown sneakers and positioned on the slippers after which get a – put, you already know, the gown sneakers again on. after which i really feel you in all probability have these, like, actually inflexible, invisible boundaries the place the gown code is, like, starkly utterly different from room to room, i really feel that models you up for fulfillment.

FLORIDO: I’ve acquired to ask, what does that appear to be for two drag queens whose work is dressing up?

MATTEL: effectively, i am simply going to say, for us, we additionally signify like – you already know, she has a separate studio for her drag. Like, all of her drag is in a particular place than her dwelling. And for me, I, like, get up and that i am residing in a YouTube studio. So it is simply sort of about what works for you, i really feel.

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: Yeah, there have been simply too many moments the place i might discover sequins and feathers and, you already know, little shiny payettes (ph) on the physique of a lover in my mattress, and that was simply such an infinite turnoff, each for me and for them. And it ruined rather a lot of, you already know, relationships that would have was some sort of marriage situation. So I simply should decide that boundary. and likewise I hate work. so as that helps, too. So no drag inside the dwelling.

FLORIDO: you already know, I’ve acquired to say, for a e-book about succeeding inside the office, so a lot of your solutions appear to be actually about how one can succeed with out actually doing an complete lot of labor.

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: effectively, that will be a completely unscrupulous accusation. i am unable to – i’ve to say, i am simply a little bowled over, particularly from NPR (laughter).

FLORIDO: you have acquired an complete part on how – you have acquired an complete part on how one can take as a lot paid day without work as attainable.

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: effectively, i really feel that is…

MATTEL: How do you assume I really feel after i used to be studying her sections which might even be referred to as, like, “how one can Steal out of your small enterprise associate?” and that i am like, consideration-grabbing.

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: effectively, hear, hear, hear. i used to be simply – you already know, when you do even basically the most rudimentary sort of evaluation on what this nation presents for, as an example, maternity depart, it is simply utterly horrifying that the trendy woman, on this nation particularly, has no assist on the office. it is actually horrible. So i really feel it is simply – it is wild. I imply, we will not all transfer to Sweden and get, you already know, three half years maternity depart. however it is terribly troubling.

FLORIDO: i really feel that is one among your solutions inside the e-book, although, simply have extra infants, proper?

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: effectively, overseas infants overseas.

FLORIDO: (Laughter).

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: Yeah. Yeah. however typically that is not an selection.

MATTEL: And why do i’ve to have a little one to get that maternity depart?


MATTEL: you already know, I even have by no means acquired to smoke to get a smoke break.


MATTEL: after I labored in retail, I had a supervisor every 17 minutes, i might say, stepped out for a cigarette. And this was the identical woman who used to, like, write me up for, like, you already know, punching in a minute late. and that i am like, what’s the actuality we’re residing in right here? the place are we?

FLORIDO: i really feel one among many issues a lot of people dream of is figuring out how one can flip the issues that they love, their passions, into their work. and that is one factor that each of you appear to have been in a place to search out out pretty effectively.

MATTEL: i really feel it is about expectations. Like, we each do drag, however i do not assume both of us ever anticipated to have or not it is our full-time, like, careers, you already know?


MATTEL: Like, you can count on to do it for work. you simply can not count on to make the identical money you’ll make at presumably your boring job.

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: Yeah. and that i really feel, like – I imply, to start with, we’re so fortunate. however it is distinctive how the human mind can flip any ardour or, like, a pleasurable pursuit proper into a laborious slog when you clock in at forty hours or extra every week of it, you already know. Oftentimes, like, the hobbies that, like, give us basically the most pleasure or the actions that current basically the most aid exist in relation to, as an example, a extra boring or tedious sort of labor situation that is required, you already know. So, like, rather a lot of occasions people will depart their job to go start a bakery and discover that, oh, baking is simply as a lot hell as working at, you already know, Kinko’s or no matter.

MATTEL: Yeah. Plus, you already know, backstage at a drag current, we’d appear to be we want it, however, you already know, it is actually like – it is like a sport of Clue. Like, i’ve a rope. She has a revolver. anyone has a candle. We’re all considering of killing ourselves or every utterly different.


FLORIDO: And do you ever contemplate quitting your particular person work, a profession change, not having to get dolled up on daily basis?

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: I give it some thought on daily basis.

MATTEL: Yeah. And there is not any quiet quitting when you are 6’5″ in a blonde wig.

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: (Laughter) Yeah, completely.

FLORIDO: effectively, earlier than we allow you to go, what are you hoping that people, particularly women, will take away out of your e-book?

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: i might hope that it supplies some aid, amusing and presumably some hope for the trendy woman who would not basically should be feminine and a few sort of hope for some success inside the office, even on this actually bleak, unpredictable world we’re residing in.

MATTEL: Yeah, I imply, that is heavy, heavy satire, proper? So it is primarily based in fact. And it is true that having no job sucks. attempting to discover a job, hiring processes, working someplace, getting fired – every an ingredient of working indirectly sucks, counting on the way you are taking a look at it. and that i assume, truthfully, what we do not actually ever joke about on this e-book is we do not joke about encouraging people to do a job they hate. And we do not arrange unrealistic expectations for any sort of labor. i really feel that is simply, like, actually honest, which is why people will actually snicker at it and relate to it. We’re not mendacity as a consequence of we have accomplished all of the [expletive] jobs and we have accomplished our dream jobs, and we will inform you there’s rather a lot of parallel truths there.

FLORIDO: That was Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova. Their e-book, “Working women: Trixie And Katya’s information To expert Womanhood,” is out now. Trixie, Katya, thanks heaps for becoming a member of us.

MATTEL: thanks.

ZAMOLODCHIKOVA: thanks heaps for having us. What an honor. What a privilege.

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