Yeah, no, most VCs nonetheless do not actually care about your path to profitability

“progress in any respect prices” was gas to 2021’s funding hearth as enterprise capitalists poured money into startups spending oodles of money on the whole lot from overhiring to inefficient buyer acquisition. however amid this yr’s downturn, enterprise capitalists decided — to say, at the least — that torching money inside the title of progress maybe wasn’t their biggest thought.

They put out memos, tweeted about it, and hung out telling reporters that maybe they goofed on a pair of of their riskier bets. They acknowledged money preservation and a doable path to profitability was the soup du jour of investing in Q2, whereas taking massive dangerous bets on money-burning, quick-rising startups was off the menu. however did their actions align with their phrases? in all probability not.


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