Why Lance Smiles on the tip Of strolling lifeless Season eleven, Episode 17

What may Lance Hornsby presumably should smile about in The strolling lifeless season eleven, episode 17’s closing moments? The strolling lifeless season eleven‘s center third ended with the Commonwealth’s Lance Hornsby assuming administration of Alexandria and its satellite tv for pc communities, and Daryl Dixon main his fellow survivors on the run. “Lockdown” picks up the movement immediately after, sending Lance on a wild protagonist chase by way of the deserted submit-apocalyptic streets. Predictably, Daryl will get the greater of his opponent, and Lance ends The strolling lifeless season eleven, episode 17 with a knife to his throat and a quickly dwindling record of decisions to flee.


Weirdly, “Lockdown” ends with Lance smiling, sporting the expression of a peaceable and picked up particular person regardless of the very incontrovertible actuality that Daryl may finish him with a flick of the wrist. The picture of Lance grinning like a hyena beneath such dire circumstances speaks to the sadistic, self-damaging streak The strolling lifeless season eleven has already uncovered all by way of Lance’s quieter moments. In The strolling lifeless‘s “The fortunate Ones,” Lance took out his frustrations at Pamela Milton by strolling into the forest and deliberately luring a zombie in the direction of him. After letting the corpse get a lot too shut for comfort, Lance finally shot it. The scene demonstrated his inside unhinged side, and that shade of character creeps out as quickly as extra when Daryl catches Lance off-guard in The strolling lifeless season eleven, episode 17. it is virtually like he will get off on being in mortal hazard.

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Lance’s Smile may Tease A strolling lifeless Secret

there’s one other potential interpretation of Lance Hornsby’s sinister smirk. Lance seems like a particular person with a plan, and whereas his plan virtually truly did not contain getting nabbed by Daryl Dixon, the smile alludes in the direction of an ace nonetheless hidden up the villain’s completely-ironed sleeve. As for what that ace is in all probability, The strolling lifeless has already dropped a quantity of hints that Lance is related to the franchise’s huge bads, the Civic Republic navy.

The record of disappeared victims Connie secretly obtained after arriving inside the Commonwealth was solely partially defined by Sebastian Milton’s extracurricular antics. a important deal of vanished residents stay unaccounted for, and The strolling lifeless season 7 already confirmed the CRM’s behavior of abducting people. furthermore, Lance has deep navy connections from earlier than the outbreak, and his fingers are in so many pies, not even Pamela Milton can preserve monitor of them.

How The CRM may Save Lance inside the strolling lifeless

The CRM are good, however they will not magically seem inside the sewer and save Lance Hornsby from Daryl’s knife, so why would the smarmy Commonwealth villain nonetheless be smiling if his (potential) black-armored associates aren’t bodily in a place to assist? presumably Lance’s delight is simply not impressed by confidence that the Civic Republic navy will save him, however confidence that if he does die, these accountable shall be mercilessly worn out. The thought of revenge is in all probability purpose enough to smile, however Hornsby might additionally understand that in a worst-case-situation, he may threaten Daryl and completely different of us pesky Alexandrians with retribution from a mysterious group lingering inside the shadows.

Lance Hornsby might even know the whereabouts of a sure Rick Grimes. Taken by the CRM all by way of The strolling lifeless season 9, if Lance has Civic Republic connections, it is believable he is aware of one factor about this legendary “Rick” decide the newcomers from Alexandria preserve mentioning. If Daryl’s knife begins getting twitchy, Lance might know he can dangle the promise of Rick Grimes clues to maintain away from losing his personal pores and skin.

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