TUCKER CARLSON: Liberals are elevating Fetterman for the identical causes they elevated Biden

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John Fetterman is a notion fund little one. He took money from his mom and father deep into center age when he decided lastly what he want to do with the the rest of his life, which is to be the U.S. senator from Pennsylvania. the difficulty is destiny intervened and he can now not communicate. He had a foul stroke and we really feel dangerous about that. everyone does, however as a outcomes of that stroke, Fetterman now wants digital assist with a aim to communicate with completely different people. 

He can’t discuss on his personal. it is not a proper-wing conspiracy concept. it is not QAnon. it is exact. in exact actuality, it is so exact, his advertising and marketing campaign concedes that it is exact. that is true. Fetterman makes use of a computer software program to know the phrases of these round him and to formulate his responses to these phrases. In completely different phrases, to discuss. Now, to be completely clear, this computer software will not be a listening to assist. Fetterman does not want a listening to assist as a outcome of he isn’t deaf. he isn’t listening to impaired. as a substitute, this program takes phrases after which rearranges them into language that John Fetterman can understand as a outcome of his mind can not try this for him. 

that is unhappy. For transhumanists, although, it is thrilling. that is an unbelievable second. that is Neil Armstrong on the moon. right here you can have a quantity of the well-known politicians inside the nation merging with a laptop pocket book computer. that is the prolonged time period they think about. They’re thrilled by it, however for everyone else, for the voters of Pennsylvania, for event, it does elevate some apparent questions. for event, the place precisely does the computer software finish and John Fetterman consciousness start? 

we do not know. we will not know, however it certainly’s apparent that Pennsylvania might very properly be sending a laptop pocket book computer program to the U.S. Senate the place inevitably will most seemingly be hacked. Yesterday, MSNBC sat down with John Fetterman and his considering machine to evaluate the place the particular person ends and the machine begins and the preliminary impressions had been in no means encouraging.  

FETTERMAN SAYS STROKE NOT ‘GOING TO have an affect’ ON DUTIES IF ELECTED, INSISTS advertising and marketing campaign ‘VERY clear’ 

REPORTER DASHA BURNS: We had a monitor arrange so as that he might study my questions as a outcome of he nonetheless has lingering auditory processing factors on account of the stroke, which suggests he has a extremely effective time understanding what he is listening to. Now as quickly as he reads the question, he is in a place to know. you’d possibly hear he additionally nonetheless has some factors, some challenges with speech, and that i will say, Katie, that simply in a quantity of the small discuss earlier to the interview, earlier than the closed captioning was up and working, it did seem that he had a extremely effective time understanding our conversations.  

John Fetterman, lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and Democratic senate candidate, speaks during a campaign rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US, on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022. Photographer: Nate Smallwood/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

John Fetterman, lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and Democratic senate candidate, speaks all by means of a advertising and marketing campaign rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US, on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022. Photographer: Nate Smallwood/Bloomberg by way of Getty pictures 
(Nate Smallwood/Bloomberg by way of Getty pictures )

properly, good for her for admitting that. that is a rival channel. do not watch an unbelievable deal of MSNBC, however she ought to inform viewers that, and he or she did. What she simply instructed you is that earlier than the machine was turned on, John Fetterman might not understand human language, not even small discuss. however as quickly as the machine was plugged in, he sounded or the machine sounded almost human, however do not fret. every part goes to be advantageous inside the Senate as prolonged as there’s not an affect outage. it is not simply like the electricity ever goes down on this nation. We positively have ample renewables to protect John Fetterman voting the most interesting means for the following six years. greater construct some extra wind farms. that is the plan.

however as quickly as as quickly as extra, to the credit rating of the MSNBC.com reporter, she did ask a adjust to-up. How can all of us know your considering machine will not be going to interrupt, John Fetterman? Can we see a well being care supplier’s report on this? this is how that commerce went: 

REPORTER DASHA BURNS: Can voters notion that it is attainable so as that you merely’re going to have the various to to try this job on day one?  

JOHN FETTERMAN: Yeah, in spite of every part.  

BURNS: So, you say you are on the road to full restoration, however proper now, voters actually want to take your phrase for it. we have requested in your medical data. we have requested to have a dialog with somebody out of your medical workforce to interview your doctor. you have declined these requests. Why? 


FETTERMAN: properly, I really feel like we have now been very clear in an unbelievable deal of different methods when our doctor has already given a letter saying that i will serve and to be working. 

BURNS: I imply, respectfully, that letter out of your doctor, that was six months in the past. do not voters want to know your standing now? 

FETTERMAN: Being on, in entrance of hundreds and hundreds of people and having interviews and getting round all throughout Pennsylvania, that gives everyone and the voters decide, you already know, in the event that they suppose that it is actually the difficulty.  

he is studying that off a monitor and by the means whereby, we’re taking him at his phrase that there is not a staffer backstage typing out the options as a outcome of he himself can’t formulate them. Now, as quickly as extra, you’d possibly have the various to really feel deeply sympathetic to John Fetterman. that is unhappy to watch, however that is usually a man who needs to run the federal authorities in a physique of one hundred, primarily the strongest legislative physique on the planet, and he needs to be a member of it.  

that is what occurs WHEN THE LAND turns into LAWLESS: DR OZ 

Over at CBS, reporter Ed O’Keefe requested the plain question, “Will Pennsylvanians be snug with somebody representing them who needed to conduct a tv interview this style?” Now, that is a fragile method to place it, however it certainly’s definitely a very good remark. The man’s studying his options off a monitor with the reporter three ft away. that is the definition of impairment and as quickly as extra, that is usually a very critical job. 

however others inside the media scoffed on the idea was an difficulty in any respect. in exact actuality, faraway from being an difficulty, it was an asset as a outcome of if the equity agenda means something, it implies that incompetent people should be in cost. that is equity.  

As NY metropolis Councilwoman Rita Joseph put it, questions about Fetterman’s profound mind harm are, “extremely ableist.” Ableist? “We desperately want extra variety in elected office, and that options individuals with speech impediments.” properly, we desperately want that. that is fully proper, however truly we’re not talking a pair of speech impediment. She’s telling us he is bought a stutter very like Joe Biden. hold in thoughts they instructed you that Joe Biden’s dementia was solely a stutter? however in spite of every part, a speech impediment wouldn’t forestall Fetterman or Biden from understanding completely different people’s speech. Huh?  

Investigative reporter Hunter Walker, who writes for Rolling Stone and the mannequin new Yorker, answered that question with a question of his personal “Would they deal with a deaf particular person like this for needing assist?” Oh. So, if in case you can have questions about John Fetterman, you hate the deaf. you are a hearingist, bigot. we’re going to close down your checking account of JPMorgan, ablest. however as quickly as extra, it is unlikely related to the Senate race in Pennsylvania as a outcome of as quickly as as quickly as extra, John Fetterman does not have listening to factors. he isn’t deaf. that can not be deafness. that is mind harm.  


The unbiased’s Eric Michael Garcia tried to tie up that free finish, and he used an analogy to do it. that is how actually good people discuss. “How is that this any completely different,” he wrote “from Tammy Duckworth or Madison Cawthorn needing a wheelchair?”

So, John Fetterman, being unable to consult with out studying it off a monitor, both from the computer software or from one among his staffers backstage is precisely the identical as being wounded in protection of your private nation. it is a battle damage.

after which John Fetterman’s spouse, who bought here into this nation as an illegal alien by the means whereby, questioned the identical factor and we’re quoting “actually appalling. Have these ‘journalists’ by no means heard of the individuals with Disabilities Act? actually curious to discover out how they really feel about wheelchairs and glasses.”  

actually? So, your questions about John Fetterman’s psychological well being, the acuity of his mind, his means to discuss and hear and motive, use his greater faculties, these questions are banned by the individuals with Disabilities Act as a outcome of he isn’t simply an incompetent man making an try to take over the nation. No, he is disabled. 

Over at Vox, Ian Millhiser  said he is aware of precisely how Fetterman’s bigoted critics view individuals with eyeglasses. “Is it the place of NBC information that a senator with glasses can’t be trusted in office as a outcome of they use assistive know-how to accommodate their incapacity?” 

it is unbelievable. Not solely are you able to not ask questions regarding the man you are imagined to vote for and whether or not he can truly symbolize you inside the usa Senate, you are not allowed. he is advantageous and by the means whereby, the exact actuality he isn’t advantageous is the rationale to vote for him. So, they’re hitting you for both side. Vote for him as a outcome of he is so profoundly disabled. we do not have ample for these inside the Senate. however whereas you be aware he is profoundly disabled, you are a bigot. They bought you coming and going. 

have you ever heard this earlier than? Does it sound variety of acquainted the place they take somebody with an apparent impairment after which they use him to accrue extra vitality for themselves? it is unlikely regarding the disabled particular person. it is about them after which whereas you ask questions about it, shut up bigot!


Climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at a the

local climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at a the “Fridays For Future” local climate rally all by means of COP26 on November 5, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland.  (photograph by Christopher Furlong/Getty pictures)
(photograph by Christopher Furlong/Getty pictures)

Does the identify Greta Thunberg come to thoughts? that is the woman who’s on a daily basis lecturing you about worldwide warming and the means you’d possibly even be evil. Greta Thunberg is somebody who needed assist and concern from adults. on the age of eleven, she misplaced 22 kilos as a outcome of, in maintaining collectively with her mom and father, she was so depressed about worldwide warming that she might not eat after which she was recognized with a full suite of very critical factors: OCD, mutism, Asperger’s, very, very unhappy, truly.

nonetheless the people round Greta Thunberg and the people who used Greta Thunberg did not see this as unhappy in any respect. They noticed it as a bonus for them as a outcome of Greta Thunberg might probably be used to accrue extra vitality to them and also you had been not allowed to say something about it as a outcome of she was disabled, which, by the means whereby, you had been not allowed to discover. this is Greta Thunberg: 

GRETA THUNBERG: You all come to us youthful people for hope. How dare you! you can have stolen my desires and my childhood collectively with your empty phrases. we’re at first of a mass extinction and all you’d possibly have the various to focus on is the money and fairy tales of everlasting financial progress. How dare you!  

so that you can have a look at that and on one diploma you suppose, why is that this particular person lecturing me, somebody who’s by no means had a job earlier than is answerable for, like, our vitality coverage? that is loopy.

after which the various diploma, the extra deep diploma, the extra important diploma, you discover what a tragedy you simply noticed. right here is somebody who’s profoundly troubled, who wants exact assist and care and empathy and love from the adults in her life, however she’s not getting any of that. as a substitute, she’s being carted out like a sideshow freak for the revenue of others. They’re using that little one in exactly the means whereby they’re using Joe Biden and John Fetterman and by the means whereby, Kamala Harris, the dimmest particular person ever to work in American politics. None of them have any thought what goes on on. and additionally they’re being utilized by people for the benefit of these people, however you’d possibly have the various to’t say something because you’d be in the direction of individuals with disabilities and the ADA prohibits you from doing that. proper?

you are imagined to accommodate Greta Thunberg’s incapacity, faux her phrases are profound, very simply like the faux poet at Biden’s inauguration. Oh, she was so good. We dare you to say she wasn’t. She was ridiculous, however you probably did not as a outcome of it is so profound.  


In Greta Thunberg’s case, in spite of every part, the media liked it as a outcome of they might use her too. they might use Greta Thunberg, did not care something about it. She might die and additionally they might not care. they might discover one other particular person to make the most of as a marionette for his or her very personal political ambitions. Watch them:

ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC: maybe primarily the most spectacular and impassioned remarks have come not from a president or prime minister, however sixteen-12 months-previous local climate activist Greta Thunberg  

CNN ANCHOR: She is the teenager on strike for the planet. Time’s particular person of the 12 months. Greta Thunberg is main a period of local climate youngsters.  

LAURA COATES, CNN: Greta, to start with, I bought to reassess my life selections. which will be a strain to be reckoned with.  

invoice WEIR, CNN: Greta Thunberg, the Swedish woman who impressed so a lot, she said she was in a deep despair when she understood the warnings of science, however turned that despair into movement. I see the outcome right here at the second. 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, MSNBC: Greta’s ardour does mirror what actually goes on and we’re nonetheless arguing whether or not or not it exists? 


Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks during a climate strike demonstration of Fridays for Future in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 22, 2021. - Sweden OUT (Photo by Erik SIMANDER / TT News Agency / AFP) / Sweden OUT (Photo by ERIK SIMANDER/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images)

Swedish local climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks all by means of a local climate strike demonstration of Fridays for Future in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 22, 2021. – Sweden OUT (photograph by Erik SIMANDER / TT information agency / AFP) / Sweden OUT (photograph by ERIK SIMANDER/TT information agency/AFP by way of Getty pictures)
(photograph by ERIK SIMANDER/TT information agency/AFP by way of Getty pictures)

She turned that despair into movement. properly, no, she did not, truly. She’s dwelling in hell. Like most emotionally unbalanced kids, she’s struggling, however you do not care as a outcome of it is advisable to make the most of her. you probably did nothing to assist her, to love her, to treatment for critical psychological sickness.

No, you used her to take extra vitality and if anyone says something about it, whereas you suppose kids ought to not go on tv to focus on local climate coverage and vitality, then you positively’re a bigot. You hate kids. You hate Greta Thunberg; And by the means whereby, as you sit and watch the outcomes of the lunatic coverage that she’s espousing with out even understanding Europe’s vitality grid collapsing, then you positively’re a foul particular person.  

As Vox reported, “assaults on Greta Thunberg expose the stigma autistic women face.” No, they expose the callousness and cynicism of her mom and father and MSNBC anchors and everyone else who used her struggling to their very personal revenue. The Washington publish complained “Autistic youthful people deserve critical respect and a spotlight, not dismissal as a outcome of the pawns of others.” actually? Whose pawn is Greta Thunberg? Yours. Researchers on the college of Albany even revealed a research on “evaluation of ageism, sexism and ableism in consumer suggestions and YouTube movies about local climate activist Greta Thunberg.” 

So as quickly as extra, it is advisable to hearken to her as a outcome of she’s not properly, however whereas you be aware that she’s not properly, you are a bigot. it is the identical, precisely the identical dynamic you are watching what the president of the usa, Joe Biden, who will not be properly and everyone is aware of it. Joe Biden mourned the loss of life of Congresswoman Jackie Walorski publicly. Then a pair of weeks later, he requested, completely befuddled, why will not be she right here on the event? however whereas you discover it, that occurred, you are the ageist.  

DEM great PAC TARGETS OZ WITH assault advertisements based mostly ON ‘pet KILLER’ CLAIMS 

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: you already know, my gosh, come on. you’d possibly have the various to’t go after him for, you already know, not giving assist to Florida or not tackling the infrastructure and he is giving assist to Ukraine. So, you’d possibly have the various to’t go after him for that, however you’d possibly have the various to go after him for forgetting that somebody has handed. I imply, and he or she handed final month, not like one hundred years in the past. 

SUNNY HOSTIN: i really feel what it actually reveals is that this nation is so ageist. This nation has an difficulty with age and that i really feel they should cease weaponizing his age. I hate that about this nation. 

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This nation has an difficulty with age so whereas you do not simply like the exact actuality the commander-in-chief, the man who instructions our nuclear arsenal, is deranged as a outcomes of age, which he is, then you positively’re the bigot. however beneath all of that is this single most cynical political transfer inside the historic previous of this nation, and that is elevating Joe Biden precisely as a outcome of he is fading away, as a outcome of he is demented. that is why they chosen him. 

they’d an possibility, truly. His identify was Bernie Sanders. We’re hardly endorsing Bernie Sanders’ program, however Bernie Sanders might suppose clearly. And the people who run the Democratic event simply hated what he needed to say. So, they picked a man who had nothing taking place upstairs, was flatlining mentally, so as that they might not administration him. that is precisely what they’re doing with Fetterman.  


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