Hellraiser 2022 Ending defined (intimately)

Hellraiser 2022’s ending brings a satisfying closure to Riley’s ceremony of passage however shrouds Roland Voight’s future in thriller. On the floor, the film ensures an exhilarating journey with its disturbing depiction of hellish punishments that hang-out these who cross paths with the Hellraiser franchise’s iconic Cenobites. nonetheless, past its terrifying supernatural parts, the film additionally reveals a human core that explores themes of sacrifice and greed. it is these themes that add a quantity of layers to the character arcs and make their torrid journeys through Hell a lot extra charming.


Hellraiser begins as a recreation of cat-and-mouse between the Cenobites and a recovering substance abuser named Riley. This later morphs proper into a full-fledged showdown when Riley and her buddies are trapped in a mansion, with the Cenobites lifeless set upon doing what they do most interesting: inflicting unimaginable ache. in direction of the prime, Riley does handle to maintain away from losing herself from the extradimensional beings, however her win in direction of them comes at a hefty value. Since the destiny of Hellraiser‘s fundamental characters, stays unknown in its closing moments, right here is a breakdown of the ending and all of the plot factors that lead as a lot as a consequence of it.

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What occurs In Hellraiser 2022’s Ending

Riley, Colin, and Trevor escape the Cenobites and conceal inside Voight’s caged mansion. Realizing that they may finally face the Cenobites, Riley plans to step out of the mansion with Colin, lure a Cenobite inside, after which stab it with the puzzle subject’s blade to unveil its final configuration. Little do they discover that Trevor has on an everyday basis been planning to betray them, having beforehand made a deal with Voight. Riley’s plan fails and Voight’s sinister scheme entails full fruition when he strikes Trevor with the puzzle subject and will get his blood on it. With the final sacrifice virtually out of the methodology whereby, the Priest, a.okay.a. Pinhead, reveals as a lot as grant Voight his second boon. nonetheless, to Voight’s dismay, when he asks Jamie Clayton’s Pinhead/Priest to free him from his Liminal (Sensation) configuration, the Priest claims it may solely get changed with one other one.

Voight finally settles for Leviathan (power) as a alternative for his Liminal (Sensation) configuration. With this, he is liberated from his nerve-pulling contraption, however a sequence quickly zooms out of his ceiling and slashes proper through his chest. It then pulls him into Hell, whereas the Priest wickedly remarks, “Oh sure, now we have such sights to level out you.” inside the meantime, Riley gashes Trevor with the puzzle subject to make him the final sacrifice rather than Colin. As a reward for ending the puzzle subject, the Priest grants her a boon, however she rejects Pinhead’s supply, figuring out there is a catch.

Let down by her different — or lack thereof — the Priest (the distinctive Hellraiser‘s Pinhead) broadcasts that she has, by default, chosen the Lament configuration, which means she goes to dwell with the remorse of harming her relations for the the rest of her life. With what follows, the Cenobites depart, whereas Riley wonders if she made the becoming different. inside the closing scene of Hellraiser 2022, Voight experiences the grotesque penalties of his chosen configuration as a strong drive flays and needles him, with him altering proper into a Cenobite.

Why Did Trevor conform to assist Roland Voight?

At first, Trevor seems as naive about Voight and the puzzle subject as Riley. nonetheless, when Voight later confronts him and reminds him of his mission of developing sacrifices to the puzzle subject, it turns into evident that Trevor has been working for the morally skewed millionaire from the very starting. Trevor’s purpose for serving to Voight is revealed a lot later when Voight comes out of hiding to make a final sacrifice for Hellraiser‘s central puzzle subject. that is when he tells Riley that Trevor has recognized about him all alongside. He discloses that Trevor works for him since he has paid him to take movement and may proceed serving to him as a consequence of “it is the most interesting deal of his miserable life.” Voight’s phrases ring true as Trevor stays his confederate till the prime and even tries to set Colin up as a consequence of the final sacrifice for the puzzle subject.

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Why Roland Voight needs A Second Reward In Hellraiser 2022

Hellraiser 2022’s opening scene reveals that after experiencing all the things a human presumably can, Voight objects out to really feel one factor new by making many human sacrifices and fixing the puzzle subject to its penultimate configuration. He then coaxes a youthful man to finish the subject puzzle, which makes him the final sacrifice for Hellraiser‘s terrifying Cenobites. For ending the puzzle, Voight will get to choose out from Lament (Life), Lore (information), Lauderant (Love), Liminal (Sensation), Lazarus (Resurrection), and Leviathan (power). Hoping to expertise a lifetime of limitless pleasure, Voight chooses the Liminal (Sensation) configuration as his reward, with out realizing that the Cenobites have a twisted sense of enjoyment. as a consequence of of this, Voight’s greed turns into agony when a contraption that retains twisting his nerves is put in on his chest.

After dwelling with the excruciating ache of his nerves being pulled forwards and backwards for years, Voight objects out to finish his struggling by paying Trevor to assist him full the configurations of the puzzle. By doing so, he hopes to earn one other boon, which he believes will assist him get rid of the nerve-pulling contraption. Not all the things goes as deliberate, although, since Hellraiser‘s villain, the Priest (aka Pinhead), solely gives him a alternative for his contraption. Voight settles for the Leviathan (power) configuration, however Hellraiser‘s ending makes it evident that it is no much less torturous — if no extra — than his earlier Liminal (Sensation) punishment.

Why Riley does not Resurrect Matt With The Puzzle subject Reward

Riley’s whole arc in Hellraiser revolves spherical her making an try to reverse her errors. As quickly as she learns with reference to the Lazarus configuration, she objects out on the dangerous path of fixing the subject puzzle and incomes a boon with the intention of resurrecting her brother, Matt. Her purpose for pursuing the puzzle is arguably nobler than Voight’s, however it absolutely’s nonetheless self-serving as a consequence of she clearly avoids taking accountability for her errors and repenting for them. After realizing that her need to maintain away from dwelling with remorse is not any utterly different than Voight’s lust for limitless pleasure, she chooses to not resurrect Matt (performed by Brandon Flynn from thirteen the purpose why‘s forged). Her different makes her a worthy match for the Lament configuration, which brings her story full circle as a consequence of it was the fundamental configuration she solved to open pandora’s subject. Riley’s dedication to not settle for a boon displays how, not like Voight, she realizes that the Cenobites on an everyday basis fulfill their ensures however by no means in methods one expects them to.

Riley’s overarching narrative additionally mirrors her historic previous of substance abuse. simply as she tainted her relationship collectively with her relations as a consequence of her addictions, she places her buddies in peril when she obsessively tries to finish the puzzle. Her expertise with the Cenobites forces her through an enormous catharsis. This finally helps her settle for the ache and agony that comes with being human rather than discovering an escape from her feelings. Her arc concludes by establishing that the Hellraiser reboot will not be a pair of typical battle between good versus evil. The film instead makes use of the Cenobites as mere narrative devices to painting the utterly different spectrums of morality that separate its human characters.

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Does Roland Voight develop to be A Cenobite on the prime Of Hellraiser 2022?

Roland seemingly will get pulled into the Cenobite realm after he chooses the Leviathan configuration. In Hellraiser‘s closing scene, a strong invisible drive strips his pores and skin and places needles in his throat, which signifies that he, too, has been was a Cenobite. although this seems rather much less agonizing than his earlier Liminal configuration, it ought to probably embody its personal set of troubles. Roland’s final transformation is symbolic in Hulu’s Hellraiser reboot as a consequence of it contrasts Riley’s climactic dedication. whereas Riley holds on to her humanity by accepting the ache and remorse that can adjust to, Voight loses his sense of humanity on the prime to maintain away from ache and turns proper into a savage extradimensional creature.

What Hellraiser 2022’s Ending actually Means For Riley

Riley’s ending in Hellraiser will not be as terrifying as that of Voight, however it absolutely’s nonetheless no much less melancholic. She has nobody in charge however herself for Matt’s and Nora’s deaths and may perpetually dwell with the remorse of not listening to her brother. On the good side, she is now elevated equipped to face her actuality rather than escaping it with treatment or utterly different brief-lived pleasures. contemplating Pinhead’s spiteful nature in Hellraiser, Pinhead and the Cenobites may goal Riley as quickly as extra and test out luring her to attain out for the puzzle subject. nonetheless, Hellraiser‘s ending proves that Riley has realized her classes the laborious methodology and ought to by no means rethink taking place the identical self-dangerous loop. Given how Hellraiser wraps up Riley’s story, a sequel, if it occurs, will probably introduce new characters collectively with Voight as a newly recruited Cenobite.

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