Dan Bongino: Biden would run as ‘the king of chaos’ in 2024

After President Joe Biden indicated he has the “intention” of working for a second time period in 2024, “Unfiltered” host Dan Bongino ripped the president for the a quantity of crises taking place beneath his watch on “Fox & mates Weekend” Saturday, claiming he’d advertising campaign as “the king of chaos.”


DAN BONGINO: i am making an try to suppose, what’s the Biden re-elect advertising campaign signal? Like, ‘Hey, look, gasoline was $2.39 a gallon after I acquired in office. it is $three.eighty two now, will not be this good?’ I imply, what’s he going to say? ‘Inflation was 1.4%, after I get in office, all this it is solely eight.4% now.’ Is the advertising campaign slogan going, ‘Joe Biden: Hey, it might presumably be worse?’ what’s he going to run on?

“Unfiltered” host Dan Bongino argues President Biden is engaged on “nothing” in 2024 on “Fox & mates Weekend” Saturday, October 22, 2022.

education scores are down as a end result of the school lockdowns, the border’s open, you have acquired a fentanyl disaster. Putin waited for this man to get into office till he invades Russia, you have acquired Xi Jinping proper now threatening Taiwan. you have acquired this world disaster breaking out, the U.okay. in turmoil. Joe Biden is the king of chaos.

preserve in thoughts Reagan’s advertising campaign advert, are you elevated off than you had been 4 years in the past? take into consideration that — if Joe Biden had been to ask that question, even most seemingly the most liberal of Democrats… they’d be like, ‘Yeah, unlikely. You had been form of an whole lot worse. however we’ll vote for the Democrat anyway, as a end result of that is what we do. And we simply like the destruction of the usa.’ however this man’s acquired nothing. the thought of him working for office as quickly as extra, you watch, after the midterms, as quickly as they screw round and the discover-out situation kicks in… you may see the Democrats themselves are going to say, ‘you are not working as quickly as extra. the money’s going to dry. there’s not any method we’re going to fund this. Not an alternative.’

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