WoT’s Dragon Reborn Reveal Was Disappointing (should you’ve Not be taught The Books)

The reveal of Rand al’Thor as a outcome of the Dragon Reborn on the extreme of The Wheel of Time season 1 may not have been a large shock, nonetheless it was disappointing, significantly for viewers who hadn’t be taught the books that the Prime Video sequence is predicated on. The revelation was devoted to the supply supplies, all by way of which Rand is the Dragon, nonetheless the current has additionally modified so a lot from Robert Jordan’s unique story and had teased issues getting in a methodology extra fascinating path with its adaptation.


on this planet of The Wheel of Time, the Dragon Reborn is a prophesied decide who’s the reincarnation of the legendary Dragon Lews Therin. Moraine believes that the Dragon Reborn is fated to each save and destroy the world and be a key decide inside the battle between gentle and darkish. whereas there have been always hints that Rand was the Dragon Reborn, the sequence and its promotional supplies went out of the methodology all by way of which to counsel that truly one of many fully different 4 youths Moraine takes from Emond’s area may develop to be the Dragon.

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inside the season 1 finale of The Wheel of Time, Moiraine realizes that Rand is the true Dragon, ensuing in his first confrontation with the darkish One. that is true to the books and was maybe seen as important to hold away from rewriting the supply supplies methodology extra drastically. nonetheless, from the angle of somebody solely viewing the streaming sequence, Rand may be the least fascinating selection for the Dragon, making a part of disappointment going into The Wheel of Time season 2.

How Amazon’s Wheel Of Time current modified The Dragon Reborn

In Robert Jordan’s the eye of the World, which is the idea of the most important season of Amazon Prime Video’s Wheel of Time sequence, Moiraine solely considers Rand, Perrin, and Mat as potential Dragons. The Dragon is launched as being an fully male decide inside the gendered schema of Jordan’s magic system, and his affiliation with the male incapability to regulate the One power with out going insane is an ingredient of what makes him such a risk to gentle and darkish alike. truly, it was Lews’s try to seal away the darkish ones that led to the corruption of the male stress of “saidin” and the extreme of male Aes Sedai.

nonetheless, Amazon’s Wheel of Time teases that Egwene or Nynaeve may even be the Dragon Reborn. In promotional appearances earlier to the sequence’ launch, its creators teased that the Dragon Reborn’s identification was a thriller and acknowledged that it is in all probability a feminine character or somebody fully different from the books. There are additionally options that there have been feminine False Dragons up to now, claiming the mantle of the legendary decide. These teases are a extreme difficulty as to why the sequence’ choice to have Rand be the Dragon in any case was so disappointing, as a outcome of the teases of one factor extra fascinating made sticking with the books’ selection really feel overly safe.

Why Wheel Of Time Revealing Rand as a outcome of the Dragon Was Disappointing

Amazon’s Prime Video Wheel of Time sequence had already signaled that it is eager to make most important adjustments to Jordan’s supply supplies, collectively with leaving out characters from the eye of the World and making its core strong extra various and barely older than inside the distinctive novels. nonetheless, making one other character the Dragon would have been an excellent larger and bolder shift which may make each e book readers and current-solely followers not sure of what was to return.

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an ingredient of the rationale why the Dragon reveal is in all probability particularly disappointing to followers who started with the streaming sequence is that the current has achieved a poor job presenting Rand as an fascinating character. all of the fully different “ta’veren” have intriguing subplots, whether or not it is Perrin’s reference to wolves, Mat’s corruption by the cursed dagger, or Egwene and Nynaeve’s induction into the Aes Sedai. Rand, in direction of this, comes throughout as one factor of a generic hero. inside the books that is mitigated considerably by having him be basically the most frequent viewpoint character, making readers empathize with him, however that is extra sturdy to assemble in a seen medium. The sequence additionally eliminated a extreme subplot involving Rand and adjusted the most important e book’s ending, lowering his agency in starting the final confrontation.

Revealing Rand as a outcome of the Dragon additionally undercuts efforts to introduce extra variety to The Wheel of Time‘s fantasy setting. For all of the expanded roles given to women and individuals of coloration inside the Amazon Prime Video adaptation, it is finally nonetheless a white man who will get to be the Chosen One, as in so many fantasy tales which have come earlier than. A daring however extra fascinating selection would have been to change the identification of the Dragon or to subvert what the Dragon Reborn means altogether.

Who ought to’ve Been The Dragon Reborn In Amazon’s Wheel Of Time

there have been numerous probably extra fascinating options to The Wheel of Time‘s Dragon Reborn thriller. basically the most fascinating single particular person to be the Dragon would have been Egwene. A feminine Dragon who’s an ingredient of the Aes Sedai would have brought on fascinating battle and stress each all by way of the White Tower and inside the broader world. This selection additionally can have created an fascinating character arc for Rand, as he tries to deal collectively with his lover’s ever-rising power and prophesied position.

an alternate selection would have been to level the notion of the Dragon Reborn on its head and reveal that every one 5 of the ta’veren from Emond’s area had been the Dragon, and that they collectively would all finish in the saving and breaking of the world. this may flip The Wheel of Time into methodology extra of an ensemble current, with equal weight positioned on all 5 characters’ arcs. nonetheless, there’s an alternative that this ending could be seen as a cop-out, significantly by viewers who’re new to the story.

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The world of The Wheel of Time is rooted in prophecy and recurrence, with the titular “wheel” referring to a pattern of historic previous that occurs repeatedly. Given this, truly one of many essential fascinating selections is in all probability to disclose that there was no Dragon in any case — that is, that the prophecies had been unsuitable, and that our heroes ought to create their very personal destiny. this may make the Amazon adaptation a direct subversion of Robert Jordan’s unique Wheel of Time books and methodology extra unpredictable for followers each new and previous. Even sustaining persistent doubt about whether or not Moiraine’s notion inside the prophecy is appropriate would have made for a extra fascinating adaptation.

nonetheless, the true draw again is simply not that The Wheel of Time caught with Rand as a outcome of the Dragon however that it spent so a lot effort making an try to create doubt amongst viewers that the sequence did not make the final reveal satisfying, particularly for mannequin spanking new followers. By collectively with extra of Rand’s story from the books, and being extra straightforward in advertising and marketing throughout the sequence, Amazon’s The Wheel of Time can have prevented having the Rand reveal really feel like a disappointment. as a outcome of it is, the sequence raises an superb deal of intriguing potentialities that it finally does not observe by way of on.


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