who's The White Worm? residence Of The Dragon’s Varys defined

WARNING: this textual content material accommodates SPOILERS for residence of the Dragon episode 4 AND fireplace & Blood!residence of the Dragon has its personal mannequin of Lord Varys, with the mysterious decide going by the nickname of the White Worm. one in every of many intriguing political features of recreation of Thrones was the community of spies employed by many people in King’s touchdown. Alongside Littlefinger, in all likelihood the most notable member of Westerosi politics to buy so many secrets and techniques from massive gamers in recreation of Thrones was Lord Varys, the small council’s grasp of Whisperers who additionally glided by the nickname the Spider. residence of the Dragon is regular this secretive community of spies, with the grasp of Whisperers place taking half in a large half inside the battle to get back.


In residence of the Dragon episode 4, Rhaenyra and Daemon sneak proper into a brothel in Flea backside the place he seduces, kisses, and undresses her earlier than abruptly abandoning her. As Daemon leaves and a flustered Rhaenyra calls out for him, a cautious youthful boy is sitting on the steps exterior the brothel. The boy runs off after seeing this, with Otto Hightower quickly meeting with a messenger who brings phrase from the “White Worm” with reference to the tryst between Rhaenyra and Daemon.

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whereas residence of the Dragon episode 4 doesn’t explicitly reveal the identification of the informant, George R.R. Martin’s fireplace & Blood guide confirms that the White Worm is Mysaria. Otto tells Viserys that the supply of the rumor about Daemon and Rhaenyra has by no means led him astray, indicating she has been feeding him information for pretty a whereas. simply as Littlefinger used his brothels to scheme in recreation of Thrones, the White Worm started her empire by pleasure homes, however grows to make use of many messengers and set up elevated connections than Otto as she takes benefit of the worth of secrets and techniques in King’s touchdown.

Why Mysaria recognized as a consequence of the White Worm In residence Of The Dragon

The origin of Mysaria’s nickname is apt to be pretty utterly different in residence of the Dragon than it is in fireplace & Blood. inside the books, Mysaria grew to become typically recognized as a consequence of the White Worm attributable to her pale white pores and skin and contemptible reputation amongst her enemies and rivals. nonetheless, since Mysaria’s residence of the Dragon background deviates from the books, the “White Worm” nickname seems to have come from the notable white costume that she wears. simply as recreation of Thrones’ Varys had many nicknames, Mysaria may even be referred to by the derogatory moniker “woman misery,” a play on her exact title and reputation as a supply of good misery.

Why Mysaria Helps Otto Hightower In residence Of The Dragon

earlier than he’s fired as Hand of the King in residence of the Dragon episode 4’s ending, Otto Hightower informs King Viserys that Rhaenyra and Daemon had been seen coupling in a pleasure residence, with this intel coming from the White Worm. Since Mysaria was the paramour of Daemon Targaryen, who shares a mutual hatred with Otto Hightower, it was peculiar that she was the commander of the spy community feeding secrets and techniques to the Hand about Daemon. Since Mysaria runs one in every of many modern brothels in Flea backside, she was likely approached by somebody shut to the crown to be taught secrets and techniques on the metropolis, with the residence of the Dragon character using this as a hazard to enhance her stature and safety inside the realm.

Mysaria likely felt betrayed by Daemon when he deserted her to battle the battle for the Stepstones for 4 years, and decided to current intel to Otto Hightower in retaliation. nonetheless, Mysaria tells Daemon that she’s his protector now, so residence of the Dragon is teasing that the character is maintaining her motivations ambiguous, very like Lord Varys did collectively with his need to shield the Iron Throne. aiding Otto is in all likelihood going attributable to him paying her in all likelihood the most, as a consequence of the Hightowers are one in every of many richer homes in Westeros. Mysaria says she not desires to dwell in concern, and having insurance coverage from the conniving Hand of the King is useful in establishing her personal espionage empire.

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