Star Trek Brings again Geordi La Forge’s TNG Love curiosity

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: decrease Decks Season three, Episode three – “Mining The thoughts’s Mines”Dr. Leah Brahms (Susan Gibney) returns in Star Trek: decrease Decks season three, and does this set the stage for Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge’s (LeVar Burton) infatuation to return in Star Trek: Picard season three? The extremely-anticipated third and closing season of Star Trek: Picard will reassemble and gives a closing farewell to your complete safe of Star Trek: the following period. nonetheless, many completely different acquainted faces from TNG are additionally anticipated to look in Picard season three, and Leah Brahms’ shock cameo in decrease Decks may herald a stay-movement comeback for the warp core physicist as properly.


Brahms debuted as a hologram inside the Star Trek: TNG season three episode, “Booby lure.” As one in every of many builders of the Galaxy-class starship warp engines, Leah was consulted (in holographic) type by Geordi La Forge when the USS Enterprise-D was caught in an historic lure that drained the warp engines of its vitality. The holographic Dr. Brahms was nice with Geordi, who turned romantically infatuated collectively with her as they labored collectively save the ship. however when the exact Dr. Brahms boarded the Enterprise-D inside the TNG season 4 episode, “Galaxy’s baby,” she was a lot cooler to Commander La Forge. Leah was not blissful when she found Geordi had a relationship with a hologram mannequin of her, however they turned associates in exact life after working collectively to maintain away from losing the Enterprise. Star Trek: Voyager later revealed that Dr. Brahms turned the director of the Zephram Cochrane Institute for superior Theoretical Physics.

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In Star Trek: decrease Decks season three, episode three, “Mining The thoughts’s Mines,” Brahms manifests as a consequence of the fantasy of Ensign Samanthan Rutherford (Eugene Cordero) as he and his fellow decrease Deckers had been gathering psychic mines. The mines are dangerous artifacts that deliver your fantasies to life earlier than turning you proper into a statue. Like La Forge, Rutherford unabashedly has the hots for Dr. Brahms, and the Leah phantasm propositioned Sam to be her “large-brained engineer” who can assist her “export some plasma and run some texts.” Hilariously, designing engines for Galaxy-class starships simply like the Enterprise-D with Dr. Brahms seems to be a kink that Starfleet engineers have in widespread inside the late twenty fourth century. Later, Ensign Beckett Mariner’s fantasy, her Andorian girlfriend Jennifer (Lauren Lapkus), invited Mariner to affix her in a tryst with Dr. Brahms, so Leah seems to be an aspect of her kink as properly.

Will Dr. Leah Brahms seem In Star Trek: Picard Season three?

although there was no affirmation as but that Susan Gibney will reprise Dr. Leah Brahms in Star Trek: Picard season three, there is a contact that would possibly level to her becoming a member of the TNG reunion. LeVar Burton said in an interview that Geordi has two daughters in Picard season three, collectively with one performed by his exact-life daughter, Mica Burton. it is doable that Geordi may probably be married to Leah Brahms in Picard season three. inside the alternate methodology forward for Star Trek: TNG‘s collection finale, “All Good issues,” La Forge was married to a Leah, who was probably Dr. Brahms. Picard season three may lastly make Geordi and Leah’s marriage canon and reply prolonged-held questions on La Forge’s private life, in the end.

Susan Gibney offering a visitor voice as Dr. Leah Brahms on Star Trek: decrease Decks may portend her stay-movement comeback in Star Trek: Picard season three. in any case, it is occurred earlier than: John de Lancie reprised Q as a visitor voice in decrease Decks earlier than he launched the omnipotent being again in stay-movement in Star Trek: Picard season 2. in the meantime, Dr. Leah Brahms most likely wouldn’t take pleasure in realizing what quantity of Starfleet engineers fantasize about her, however it absolutely’s actually no shock Leah fires up Ensign Rutherford’s warp core in Star Trek: decrease Decks.

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