One SpongeBob “Curse” phrase Has A clever Double which means

a regular expression of frustration utilized in SpongeBob SquarePants truly incorporates a very clever and delicate double which means. The charming innocence of SpongeBob SquarePants is plain. Its presentation, humor, and tales comprise one factor to entertain virtually every potential viewer, and the current is fastidiously written to attraction to the widest potential viewers. there is a depth to SpongeBob‘s world that makes the current significantly enthralling, as a end result of it is enriched by years of world-constructing that make it an utterly fascinating current that has proved persistently entertaining.


a part of the current’s allure consists of its use of working jokes. simply a few of these, comparable to SpongeBob SquarePants‘s “My leg” joke stem from the repetition of absurdist humor, whereas others, comparable to Squidward always being miserable, had been born of sure characters’ particular person traits. There are some working jokes that come from completely different places nonetheless, simply like the current’s delicate references to matters utterly unrelated to the story at hand.

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One such joke is so extremely delicate that it is simple to overlook its clever double which means. In lieu of conventional human curse phrases, the characters of SpongeBob SquarePants make use of their very personal a lot tamer mannequin of unhealthy language. When aggravated, characters typically exclaim “tartar sauce!“, and although it appears to be like like a barely morbid lifeless fish joke, there’s additionally a secret double which means that makes it one in every of many smartest and most delicate jokes in your full current. it is truly a reference to Tartarus, a fame for the Greek underworld, a spot that pulls fascinating parallels with the current’s setting.

Spongebob’s Tartar Sauce is an excellent Reference To Greek Mythology

As so many SpongeBob SquarePants characters have been heard making the identical exclamation, it is in all probability assumed that it is a reasonably regular curse phrase in Bikini backside. nonetheless, “tartar sauce” sounds remarkably like Tartarus, elevated usually recognized as a end result of the title given to the backside a part of the Greek Underworld. Tartarus was initially the Underworld’s Underworld, however later acquired here to be synonymous with the Underworld as a full. as a end result of the Underworld was primarily the hell of Greek mythology, it is clear which curse phrase SpongeBob‘s characters are using.

There’s additionally a clever side to the joke regarding the state of affairs of Tartarus. As SpongeBob is about on the ocean flooring in Bikini backside, the reference to the backside potential place is in all probability a nod to the current’s location, too. as a end result of the seas and Bikini backside is SpongeBob SquarePants‘ full world, it is a comparatively delicate approach of constructing its personal mannequin of hell by referencing Greek mythology (with a clever fish pun thrown in for good measure).

using “tartar sauce” as an exclamation of frustration is doubly clever as a end result of there are a quantity of ranges to the implications of its use. Like with most human curse phrases, there is a clear historic previous behind the expletive, besides SpongeBob seems to take it a step further by making a deep joke out of one factor inconsequential. By having its characters exclaim “tartar sauce” when upset, SpongeBob SquarePants concurrently proves its brilliance and the depth of its comedy.