Margot Robbie as a consequence of the MCU's Mystique Would proceed The Worst X-males pattern

Fan-casting Margot Robbie as a consequence of the MCU’s Mystique might seem compelling, however it goes to actually facilitate a fundamental failing of the X-males character.

Fan artwork of Margot Robbie as Mystique has seen her touted as an preferrred match for the MCU’s X-males, however her potential casting would solely proceed one among many worst ideas about strategies on how to method the character. on account of factors with possession rights, the early phases of the MCU have been pressured to arrange heroes with out with the flexibility to make the most of the X-males and their mutants. regardless of mutants being an integral an component of the broader Marvel universe, their absence inside the MCU was each conspicuous and unavoidable. however, with the rights now again with Marvel, the MCU is starting to drop heavy-handed hints with reference to the appears to be like of mutants inside the franchise.


The reveal that Ms. Marvel possessed the X-gene was adopted up with the MCU’s Wolverine set-up in She-Hulk: lawyer at legal guidelines episode 2, hinting that the appears to be like of the MCU’s mutants is imminent. Naturally, hypothesis on who will painting in all probability the most iconic X-males characters has run rampant, with many names talked about for the spectacular roster of characters that the MCU will undoubtedly search to introduce. One such iconic character is Mystique, the blue-skinned variety-shifting mutant beforehand portrayed in film by Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence in Fox’s X-males movement pictures.

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Fan artwork imagining Margot Robbie inside the function of Mystique has prompted requires the Australian to be forged inside the MCU’s X-males as a consequence of the shapeshifter. however, doing so would repeat the errors of earlier Mystique castings by further facilitating the bizarre idea that the character not often makes use of her powers. In earlier X-males movement pictures, Mystique makes use of her powers extremely sparingly, largely so as that the actor forged inside the function will get an affordable quantity of visual display unit time. however, this subtly undermines all in all probability the most consideration-grabbing tales that the character ought to inform – one factor that casting Margot Robbie inside the function would solely proceed inside the worst means potential.

Why Casting properly-recognized Actors As Mystique Ruins The Character

As Margot Robbie is undeniably one among many biggest stars in Hollywood, casting her inside the MCU’s X-males seems completely logical. however, Margot Robbie as Mystique solely reinforces the worst film pattern for the character: the temptation to merely cowl Robbie in blue physique paint and by no means allow the character to make right use of her powers would probably prevail. the character of Mystique’s variety-shifting powers implies that the character is effectively performed by pretty a pair of actors, and that is one factor that should be mirrored inside the MCU’s X-males casting course of. Hiring an large title like Margot Robbie to play a variety-shifter would both waste the actor or waste the character, making it a very poor selection both means.

Casting properly-recognized actors as Mystique principally leads to her using her powers as sparingly as potential, which hampers X-males‘s capacity to correctly make the most of the character. The MCU should maneuver away from that idea and embrace the character’s variety-shifting talents, permitting Mystique to lastly show to be the complicated and versatile character she deserves to be. although Margot Robbie would make an beautiful addition to the MCU, casting her as Mystique in X-males can be a nasty decision.

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