Love & Thunder Scenes Spoil Zeus' MCU half 5 Future

The deleted scenes from Thor: Love and Thunder reveal a terribly completely different side of Zeus. might Zeus truly be a hero and by no means a villain in half 5?

Two of the Thor: Love and Thunder deleted scenes reveal Marvel’s preliminary plans for Zeus, spoiling his future in MCU half 5. Audiences final noticed Zeus inside the Thor 4 put up-credit scene. aside from the twist that Zeus survived Thor throwing Thunderbolt – Zeus’ personal weapon – by his chest, the put up-credit additionally confirmed Zeus telling his son Hercules to kill Thor. it might seem that the MCU is establishing Zeus to be a vital villain down the highway. nonetheless, the deleted scenes current a terribly completely different King of the Gods.


in a single deleted scene, Thor discovers Zeus hiding behind a curtain and consuming ice cream in Jane’s hospital room, hilariously undercutting an emotional second between Jane and Thor. Zeus then tells Thor to get back with him as a end result of Zeus has one factor he would possibly want. the subsequent deleted scene reveals Zeus revealing to Thor that Thunderbolt is simply a illustration of their godly powers. Zeus then teaches Thor discover out how to level something into Thunderbolt, and Thor even pulls his personal Thunderbolt from skinny air.

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These Thor: Love and Thunder deleted scenes reveal not solely how Zeus’ powers work, however additionally how he wasn’t initially purported to be a villain inside the MCU. This second between Thor and Zeus even has the identical warmth as a end result of the conversations that Thor and his father Odin have shared prior to now. extra importantly, it reveals that Zeus truly taught Thor discover out how to summon Thunderbolt himself, making Zeus essential to Thor Odinson and Mighty Thor’s victory over Gorr the God Butcher. it is unclear why these scenes have been deleted. nonetheless, they have been probably scrapped in favor of first establishing Zeus as a villain, which is the right set-up for a later Loki-like turnaround for Zeus when issues get uglier in MCU half 5.

Will Zeus Be A Hero Or A Villain inside the MCU?

whereas the deleted scenes might have been eliminated as a end result of Marvel decided to protect Zeus as a villain, the fact that Secret Invasion is coming in MCU half 5 means that Zeus’ hero twist will most probably be taking place quickly. In Marvel Comics’ “Secret Invasion,” even the mixed divine pantheons of Earth needed to take a stand and face the Skrull Empire’s enslaved army of alien gods. This superteam of gods even had a badass title: God Squad. mixed with the deleted scenes revealing how Zeus was purported to assist Thor, Zeus might be the very best candidate to steer the God Squad in the direction of the Skrulls in Secret Invasion, and probably even in the direction of the even greater menace of Kang: The Conqueror.

whereas the Thor: Love and Thunder put up-credit scene reveals Zeus commanding Hercules to kill Thor, even Hercules might not be the villain he is initially implied to be. Hercules and Thor have a protracted and finally nice rivalry inside the comics, which truly suits very properly inside Thor’s quirky nook of the MCU. After the Thors needed to tackle Gorr on their very personal, the gods of the MCU – lead by Zeus – might be satisfied to assist Earth’s Mightiest Heroes the subsequent time one other menace to the universe rears its ugly head.

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