How I Met Your Father’s Robin Cameo Highlights HIMYM drawback

Bringing again Robin for a means I Met Your Father highlighted the awkward actuality that How I Met Your mom’s hero, Ted, was its most hated character.

the actuality that How I Met Your Father had Robin Scherbatsky return for the season 1 finale proves that How I Met Your mom’s Ted wasn’t the current’s hottest character. it is not that unusual for the ostensible lead character of a sitcom to be overshadowed by a supporting star. for event, Bart was initially meant to be the star of The Simpsons (and led some fan-favourite episodes), however Homer quickly overtook his youthful son inside the hearts of viewers members.


however, this might even be an concern for some sitcoms when the much less-appreciated lead character performs a pivotal function inside the collection. How I Met Your Father chosen correctly when the sitcom spinoff made Hillary Duff’s Sophie its narrator, as most on-line reviewers agree that she is amongst the numerous current’s most likable characters. however, its predecessor How I Met Your mom was not as fortunate inside the current’s selection of lead.

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How I Met Your Father’s season 1 finale launched How I Met Your mom’s Robin again for a coronary heart-to-coronary heart with Sophie, and this willpower displays an unfortunate actuality regarding the sooner sitcom’s largest concern. Robin’s How I Met Your Father return, collectively with the internet demand for a Barney cameo, attracts consideration to a wierd longstanding drawback that How I Met Your mom confronted for years. particularly, How I Met Your mom’s narrator and POV character Ted was faraway from the most in vogue character on his personal current.

Why How I Met Your mom’s Ted Was So Hated

Ted’s character flaws led a quantity of viewers to love him decrease than Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney, one factor that has been outlined in numerous articles and video essays since How I Met Your mom resulted in 2014. there have been articles arguing that Ted didn’t deserve Cristin Milioti’s charming, brief-lived titular mom character and claims that Robin deserved greater too, whereas some How I Met Your mom viewers disliked Ted ever since he cheated on Victoria to hook up with Robin. the actuality that this indiscretion occurred in How I Met Your mom season 1 provides an inkling as to how prolonged the sitcom struggled with this concern.

not like Ross from pals or Jess from New lady, the actuality that Ted was each the lead character and one among many least-appreciated characters was an exact concern for How I Met Your mom. in spite of the whole lot, Ted was additionally the narrator of How I Met Your mom, so there have been solely a few episodes that didn’t coronary heart him and his perspective to some extent. Later seasons of the current (completely different than How I Met Your mom’s worst episodes which focused on Ted’s unrequited love for Robin) prevented this with ever extra formidable plots that focused on completely different characters, however the concern nonetheless endured. Ted by no means actually gained over viewers in How I Met Your mom, as confirmed by the selection in How I Met Your Father to deliver again Robin rather than the sooner current’s ostensible hero.