Goodfellas concept Reveals Henry Hill Ratted On Tommy

although Goodfellas relies upon on a exact story, that hasn’t stopped viewers from developing with a quantity of theories regarding the story’s largest mysteries, and a kind of means that the one who betrayed Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) was none besides for Henry Hill (Ray Liotta). The gangster style is house to a quantity of of primarily the solely movement pictures in film historic previous, and amongst these is Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, which is extensively thought to be not solely amongst the numerous best gangster movement pictures ever however additionally Scorsese’s best work not solely from the style however typically.


launched in 1990 and based mostly on the book Wiseguy, by Nicholas Pileggi, Goodfellas chronicles the lifetime of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), from his days as an adolescent working errands for Paul Cicero (Paul Sorvino) and his crew in a Brooklyn neighborhood to his full involvement with the Lucchese crime household, culminating collectively with his decision to level into an FBI informant and enter the witness safety program. all by means of his time inside the mob, Henry met a quantity of of the largest names inside the gangster world and have become shut to a lot of them, most notably Jimmy “The Gent” Conway (Robert De Niro) and Tommy DeVito, with whom he dedicated a quantity of crimes, although in some circumstances, he was solely a witness.

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Goodfellas confirmed a quantity of of the crimes dedicated by Henry, Jimmy, and/or Tommy, however solely the latter was killed for his actions. Out of the three, solely Tommy was eligible to level proper into a “made man”, and he was tricked into believing he was on his method to altering into one, however he was actually taken proper into a room to be executed as retribution for the homicide of Billy Batts (Frank Vincent). This left a large question as a consequence of it was by no means revealed how the Gambino household knew Tommy was accountable for Billy Batts’ loss of life, and so a quantity of theories have emerged, collectively with one which means it was Henry who ratted on his good friend.

concept: Henry Hill Ratted On Tommy For Killing Billy Batts

Billy Batts was a made man inside the Gambino crime household, who had acknowledged Tommy for years. In Goodfellas, Batts had simply been launched from jail and was paying a go to on the nightclub owned by Henry on the time. There, he started bothering Tommy by making fulfilling of his previous as a shoeshiner, and as Tommy was a very explosive and impulsive man, Batts ended up pushing him over the sting. Tommy left collectively with his date and returned a whereas later, when solely Henry, Jimmy, and Batts have been on the membership, and attacked Batts with Jimmy’s assist, killing him. The three of them then buried Batts’ physique in upstate prolonged island as a consequence of the homicide of a made man, with out the permission of the boss of the household he’s a factor of, invites retribution. Tommy’s actions finally caught up with him and he was killed, although how the Gambino household knew Tommy was the one who killed Batts stays a thriller.

A concept posted on Reddit suggests the one who ratted on Tommy was none besides for Henry. the author of the hypothesis bases their thought on Henry altering into an FBI informant on the tip of Goodfellas, as he ended up ratting on Paulie’s crew (and Paul himself), which led to them spending the the rest of their lives in jail, so he might have turned in opposition to Tommy first. the author gives that it’s unlikely Jimmy would have ratted on Tommy given how a lot he appreciated each Tommy and Henry, nonetheless the latter might have betrayed his good friend as a method to defend himself as he was already involved in shady drug companies.

Did Henry Have causes To Betray Tommy?

based mostly on what’s proven in Goodfellas, Henry didn’t actually have causes to betray Tommy, which makes it unlikely that he would have informed the Gambino household he was the one behind the homicide of Billy Batts, however in exact life, Henry undoubtedly had causes. Henry Hill revealed that his spouse, Karen Hill (performed by Lorraine Bracco in Goodfellas), had an affair with Paul Vario (Paul Cicero inside the film) whereas Henry was in jail, and Karen informed Paul that Tommy had tried to rape her. It’s extensively believed, then, that it was Paul Vario who informed the Gambino crew about Tommy and Billy Batts’ homicide, and whereas Karen’s affair with Paul and the tried rape are often not talked about in Goodfellas, that would possibly want been a set off for Henry to rat on Tommy.

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What occurred to the exact Tommy DeVito?

the exact Tommy DeVito was Tommy DeSimone, an affiliate of the Lucchese crime household, who as proven in Goodfellas, was involved inside the Lufthansa heist. DeSimone dedicated a quantity of murders, collectively with that of William “Billy Batts” Bentvena, in 1970, and Ronald Jerothe in 1974, who was a protégé of John Gotti, an affiliate of the Gambino crew again then. DeSimone was reported lacking by his spouse in January 1979 and was by no means found, so it’s believed that he was murdered by the Gambino household in retaliation for the murders of Batts and Jerothe, although who killed him stays a thriller. the two largest theories round DeSimone’s loss of life are that Thomas Agro was the one who pulled the set off, whereas Henry Hill himself affirmed that it was John Gotti who killed Tommy. particulars round Tommy’s loss of life proceed to be a thriller, and Goodfellas added to it.