every Batman Reference In Bruce Wayne's Harley Quinn recollections

Warning: the subsequent incorporates SPOILERS for Harley Quinn season three, episode eight, “Batman Begins endlessly.”A journey contained in the thoughts of Bruce Wayne in Harley Quinn season three, episode eight, “Batman Begins endlessly” yields a vital quantity of Batman Easter eggs and references. that is hardly stunning, on condition that the HBO Max animated collection delights in callbacks to basic Batman moments in completely different media. but the collection usually finds fascinating methods to place a comedic and self-referential spin on these moments.


The story of Harley Quinn season three has been centered throughout the romance between Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn and Ivy’s scheme to level out Gotham metropolis proper into a verdant paradise. however, these plans have been set again by Bruce Wayne abducting Ivy’s take a look at topic, Frank the Plant, for beforehand unrevealed causes. as quickly as the two supervillains figured this out and kidnapped Bruce Wayne, Harley and Ivy recruited their former telepathic teammate doctor Psycho to take them inside Bruce Wayne’s thoughts, with the intention of wanting his recollections, so as that they would possibly discover out the place Frank was.

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sadly for Harley Quinn‘s protagonists, Bruce Wayne’s thoughts turned out to be a dangerous place, dominated by the reoccurring reminiscence of his mom and father’ violent deaths. This arrange a joke regarding the more and more repetitive cinematic efforts to remake Batman’s origin story, however additionally gave Harley an alternative to level out off her abilities as a psychiatrist as she tried to heal Bruce Wayne’s inside baby. It additionally led to numerous clever nods to the historic previous of Batman in completely different tv reveals and superhero movies. this is a rundown of all of the Batman references in Harley Quinn season three, episode eight, “Batman Begins endlessly.”

purple Skies At evening time

The streets of Gotham metropolis in Bruce Wayne’s thoughts are by some means even grittier than if truth be instructed, with looming shadows in each place and blood-purple skies at evening time. it is a seen nod to the stylized backgrounds of the later seasons of Batman: The Animated collection, the place the skies of Gotham metropolis had been recurrently purple at evening time, and it was unusual to see any scenes set in the course of the day.

A Font of knowledge

The marquee signal on the Monarch Theater may look acquainted to followers of Batman: The Animated collection. It makes use of the identical artwork Deco font from the Batman: The Animated collection emblem.

The Mark Of Zorro

The marquee signal on the Monarch Theater additionally reveals that the Wayne household had been having fun with The Mark of Zorro earlier than Thomas and Martha’s tragic deaths. whereas the Waynes dying after seeing a film has been an ingredient of Batman’s origin story since his first look inside the comics, no particular film was recognized till the 1986 comic The darkish Knight Returns revealed that the Waynes had seen gone to see a rerelease of the 1940 The Mark of Zorro film starring Tyrone power. This reference in itself was a nod to the debt Batman owed Zorro as a character, on condition that his background as a nobleman who sporting a black costume to ship justice was cited as an affect on Bruce Wayne’s backstory by Batman creators Bob Kane and invoice Finger, although they took inspiration from the 1920 film starring Douglas Fairbanks. consequently, many trendy retellings of Batman’s origins have him seeing a Zorro film on the evening time his mom and father died.

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Why will we Fall?

as quickly as Harley is ready to interrupt freed from the reminiscence of the homicide of Bruce Wayne’s mom and father, she sees numerous completely different pictures from Bruce Wayne’s previous. the principal of these scenes takes place on the funeral held for Thomas and Martha Wayne, the place Alfred the Butler asks his youthful grasp why people fall. This prompts Bruce to answer, “to choose ourselves up.” This commerce is taken immediately from Batman Begins (although Alfred’s response has been drastically modified). furthermore, the design for Thomas and Martha Wayne’s shared tombstone was taken from Batman: The Animated collection.

Batman Begins teaching Montage

The Batman Begins references proceed inside the subsequent picture Harley sees, the place a youthful Bruce Wayne is proven stopping a quantity of opponents whereas balancing on a collection of raised wooden columns. This was one in all many many strategies employed by the League of Shadows in teaching Christian Bale’s Batman.

Batman Begins picture Speech

one other picture from Bruce Wayne’s previous reveals him in his examine on a stormy evening time, talking to Alfred about his should develop proper into a emblem that will strike fear into the hearts of criminals. “As a particular person, i am flesh and blood. I may even be ignored. I may even be destroyed,” Wayne notes, “...however as a emblem… as a terribly cool, very gritty, super-critical picture…I may even be incorruptible…” This line paraphrases one other basic line from Batman Begins, however the blocking of the scene is taken from the comics, the place Bruce Wayne was impressed to develop proper into a bat by the sight of a bat flying by way of his window.

i am Batman!

Watching Bruce’s private recollections prompts Harley to watch that Bruce has one factor of a savior complicated and that the biggest method he talks in private sounds acquainted. She shortly deduces Bruce Wayne’s secret identification, which the youthful Bruce confirms with a gentle reply of “i am Batman,” as lighting strikes and his shadow is revealed to be that of Batman. This dramatic proclamation was first uttered by Michael Keaton’s Batman inside the 1989 Batman film, however variations of the highway have proven up in completely different movies, cartoons, comics, and parodies.

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Some Days you simply can not get rid of A Bomb!

With the youthful Bruce’s guard down, Harley begins to see extra moderen recollections the place Bruce Wayne was Batman. one in all these scenes reveals Batman working previous a gaggle of nuns whereas speeding alongside a dock, clutching a cartoon bomb with a scorching fuse. This replicates a well-known scene from the 1966 Batman film starring Adam West, the place Batman had super problem discover a spot to soundly eradicate a bomb on a crowded boardwalk.

Batman Returns

one other reminiscence reveals Batman stopping The Penguin in a sewer full of penguins armed with rockets strapped to their backs. it is a clear reference to the closing battle between Oswald Cobblepot and Batman inside the film Batman Returns. When even Harley finds this picture odd, the youthful Bruce notes “I had a pair of bizarre years.”

Holy phrases

At one level Harley falls proper into a reminiscence and takes the place of a sure Robin. This prompts an exclamation of “Holy sanitized curse phrase!” as Harley discovers (a lot to her annoyance) that she’s unable to swear now that she’s been forged inside the position of Robin. it is a reference to the numerous “Holy” exclamations made by Burt Ward as Robin inside the 1966 Batman current.

Joker and Harley

whereas Harley is dressed up as a outcome of the Sixties Robin, the Joker who menaces her is modeled on the mannequin performed by Heath Ledger in 2008’s The darkish Knight. Harley is further enraged by the sight and sound of her former self, dressed inside the basic harlequin costume from Batman: The Animated collection, and talking with the squeaky and exaggerated Brooklyn accent most variations of Harley Quinn have in animation.

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all of the Batman: The Animated collection Nods

fortunately, the youthful Bruce modifications into Batman simply in time to hold away from losing Harley from Joker and her previous self. This objects up an movement sequence straight out of Batman: The Animated collection, with Batman and Harley standing in silhouette as inside the emblem and introduction of that basic cartoon. The ponderous theme music from the current additionally performs, as this dynamic duo soar into movement to take down the villains.

Batman’s No weapons Rule

The seemingly invincible Joe Chill who stalks Harley and youthful Bruce by way of Bruce’s mindscape is lastly unmasked as a outcome of the true Bruce Wayne, who’s unamused by Harley’s efforts to restore his fracture thoughts. Bruce explains that his mom and father’ deaths had been his fault as a outcome of going to the flicks that evening time was his idea, so he has to endure as Batman as penance, threatening to shoot Harley in his thoughts if she would not let his youthful self go. This prompts a dialogue of Batman’s well-known rule in opposition to using weapons, with Harley Quinn exposing the hypocrisy of Batman saying that “the true me is in opposition to it, however the thoughts me is versatile.”


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