Dragon Ball Continues to ignore Its best Android tales

The pink Ribbon navy has created complicated synthetic intelligence, however Dragon Ball hasn’t explored all its fascinating implications. whereas the Dragon Ball franchise is largely acknowledged for its thrilling battles and a spotlight-grabbing transformations, it additionally boasts a formidable diploma of world-constructing. From anthropomorphic animals and aliens to robots and multiversal gods, lots of Dragon Ball‘s fully different species are so memorable they may probably be the celebrities of their very personal franchises.


The pink Ribbon navy have adopted Goku since he was a toddler. although they’re no match for Goku and agency, they struck gold with the creation of the androids, who’ve proved to be a quantity of of Dragon Ball Z‘s strongest villains. synthetic characters akin to Android 17, Android 18, and Cell have supplied Goku and the Z-Warriors with large challenges all by way of the years, however they’ve a lot extra to contribute to Dragon Ball past their sheer power.

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All Dragon Ball androids share a sure diploma of humanity. as an illustration, Android eight befriended Goku and helped him defeat the pink Ribbon navy, which solely confirmed to his creators that acts of kindness render androids a failure. Years later, Androids sixteen, 17, and 18 have been designed to be chilly-hearted assassins, however in addition they developed human feelings and finally switched sides. These character arcs current that the Dragon Ball franchise may delve into complicated themes like consciousness, synthetic intelligence, and what it actually means to be human — all from the androids’ perspective. maybe a mannequin new Dragon Ball film or sequence may observe inside the footsteps of well-known tales like Blade Runner, Ex Machina, and Mary Shelley’s Gothic traditional Frankenstein inside the variety of a pink Ribbon spinoff that digs into associated themes.

What A pink Ribbon Dragon Ball Spinoff Can Reveal About Androids

Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball large: large Hero revealed that Dr. Gero constructed assorted synthetic robots till he realized the potential of cyborgs. He turned the human twins Lapis and Lazuli into the lethal Android 17 and Android 18, as properly as to his personal son Gevo, who grew to become Android sixteen; his spouse Vomi, who grew to become Android 21; and himself, who grew to become Android 20. all of the androids’ backstories current fascinating alternatives for mannequin spanking new Dragon Ball tales, which may discover their lives earlier than, all by way of, and immediately after their transformation, as properly as to the psychological outcomes of the tactic.

A pink Ribbon spinoff may additionally delve into Dr. Gero’s Frankenstein-like obsession, which led to his personal undoing by the arms of Android 17 and was later mirrored by Cell’s quest for perfection. whether or not the appropriate, soulless, dwelling weapon is doable is an enthralling question that will nonetheless be explored by Dragon Ball in the end, and it already has the best background: the pink Ribbon’s shady operations by way of the years that Goku and the Z-Warriors have been busy dealing with fully different threats.

Dragon Ball large: large Hero gave the franchise a breath of up up to now air with a mannequin new android story, however its contemplate the movement facet of Gamma 1, Gamma 2, and the marginally disappointing Cell Max makes it very restricted plot-clever. whereas one other android-centered Dragon Ball film is unlikely to reach immediately after Dragon Ball large: large Hero, a dive into the pink Ribbon’s creation of synthetic life and its penalties is an intriguing probability that is nonetheless on the desk.


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