Why Harbard did not Save Siggy In Vikings

Vikings noticed some actually tragic deaths and betrayals, amongst these Siggy’s demise, which could have been prevented by Harbard, however he didn’t assist her – and right here’s why. one in every of many essential standard and worthwhile historic dramas at the second is Michael Hirst’s Vikings, which premiered on historic previous Channel in 2013 and acquired here to an finish in 2020 after six seasons stuffed with betrayals, battles, and tragedies. although Vikings was initially purported to be a miniseries, Ragnar, Lagertha, Rollo, and extra shortly on the viewers over, permitting them to proceed telling their tales for rather a lot of extra seasons.


all by means of its first 4 seasons, Vikings was led by legendary Norse warrior Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), with the sequence overlaying his travels and raids alongside his Viking brothers, starting with the Lindisfarne raid, which marked the start of the Viking Age. as a consequence of the sequence progressed, it started shifting its focus to Ragnar’s sons and their very personal journeys and battles, and so Björn, Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd, and Ivar took the lead of the sequence after Ragnar’s demise in season 4 and till the final episode. in fact, Vikings not simply centered on Ragnar, and it launched pretty a little bit of characters over the course of six seasons, of which some proceed to be a thriller, most notably Harbard (Kevin Durand).

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Harbard was a wanderer and storyteller who was launched in Vikings season three. Harbard arrived at Kattegat whereas rather a lot of the lads have been away on raids and after Helga (Maude Hirst), Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland), and Siggy (Jessalyn Gilsig) shared a dream of a mysterious man that regarded like him. Harbard is most seemingly going one in every of many essential mysterious characters in Vikings, and his look made approach for numerous theories on who he actually is and what his exact purpose was, and it additionally raised the question of why he didn’t save Siggy and let her drown.

Vikings: Was Harbard actually A God?

inside the dream shared by Helga, Aslaug, and Siggy, Harbard was holding a ball of snow on hearth whereas his hand bled. Helga met him first when he requested for assist with a wound on his hand, and he later met Aslaug, incomes their notion after curing youngster Ivar’s ache, however Siggy wasn’t so welcoming. Aslaug and Helga’s attitudes in direction of Harbard grew to become colder following Siggy’s demise, as Harbard was there and will have saved her, however instead, he let her drown. Siggy was watching over Ragnar and Aslaug’s sons, and finally, Ubbe and Hvitserk ran out of their dwelling to a frozen pond. Siggy went after them, nonetheless the boys fell by means of skinny ice, with Siggy diving in to rescue them. Harbard arrived to assist her pull the boys out of the water, however he appeared to her as her deceased daughter, Thyri. When she realized it was Harbard and by no means Thyri, Siggy let go and let herself drown, with Harbard doing nothing to assist her.

Harbard not serving to Siggy when she died has been interpreted in numerous methods by viewers, and an official purpose hasn’t been given. It’s extensively accepted that Siggy merely decided her time had come, and as she had simply had a imaginative and prescient of her daughter, it was time to fulfill collectively with her inside the afterlife, and this trend she acquired “the dignity of a superb demise”. nonetheless, it has additionally been theorized that Harbard was actually a god – both Odin, as recommended by Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), or Loki –, and as such, he would have seen that Siggy had reached the tip of her purpose and was time for her to die. one other rationalization is that Harbard was buying and promoting her life for these of Ubbe and Hvitserk, and an simpler purpose may presumably be that Siggy didn’t notion him and chosen to die instead. Harbard was meant to be a mysterious character in Vikings, however letting Siggy die was horrible no matter who he actually was.


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