Vampire & Dracula Easter Eggs Are all through New Horror film Invitation

In our unique interview with Jessica M. Thompson, she reveals there are over one hundred Easter eggs and references to vampire movies inside the Invitation.

Director Jessica M. Thompson reveals her film The Invitation is full of Easter eggs and references to traditional vampire movies. Thompson is most acknowledged for her 2017 film the sunshine of the Moon as properly as to for guiding episodes of Showtime’s the prime. Blair Butler co-wrote the screenplay with Thompson drawing inspiration from Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. By difficult the staples of the style, Thompson presents a feminist twist to in mannequin vampire fiction.


The Invitation follows the story of a youthful woman named Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) who takes a DNA test after the demise of her mom in an effort to reconnect collectively with her household. inside the tactic, she receives an invite from an estranged cousin to attend a bridal ceremony in rural England. There, Evie meets a charming aristocrat named Walter (Thomas Doherty) who seduces her proper into a false sense of safety. Evie quickly discovers that her household has a darkish secret and should fight to survive in the direction of her bloodthirsty kinfolk.

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In visual display unit Rant‘s unique interview with Thompson, the director unpacked a pair of of the Easter eggs and hidden references to traditional vampire movies all through The Invitation. There are over one hundred Easter eggs hidden all through the film, primarily referencing Bram Stoker’s Dracula as properly as to trendy film representations of vampires. Thompson distinguishes herself by exploring conventional vampire lore versus the trendy in mannequin tradition vampire audiences may even be used to. One event is that her vampires have the vitality to stroll round in daylight, one factor they may not do inside the distinctive Dracula. be taught Thompson’s full quote beneath:

“There’s over one hundred Easter eggs all through the film which may even be all little hints to Bram Stoker’s Dracula; to completely different vampire movies as properly, paying homage to these. So, see do you want to would discover all of them.

To me, it was actually important to create a up so far mannequin of the outdated vampire lore. I truly went through historic previous and appeared on the lore and what we have created inside the final 30 years through trendy filmmaking versus what’s definitely the customary lore. one in every of many consideration-grabbing issues to get hold of out was this full idea that vampires can not stroll round through the photo voltaic is simply not true. inside the distinctive Dracula, they do stroll round inside the daylight, so as that was one factor that I included. people may be aghast about these day-walkers, however truly, that is the methodology whereby that conventional vampires walked amongst us, and that is why they had been so deceiving.”

Vampires in The Invitation have the vitality to mix in as “day-walkers” which makes them a very deceptive foe. By having fun with into viewers expectations, the director is in a place to subvert the tropes and guidelines most associated to vampire fiction. Thompson additionally contains a reference to her favourite horror film, Kubrick’s The Shining, using The Overlook lodge as a particular inspiration for the carpeting and wallpaper designs of the citadel. Thompson’s reliance on Easter eggs helps set up The Invitation all through the ranks of vampire movies and the horror style general.

The Invitation has all of the trimmings of a vampire film: shadowy castles, seductive aristocrats, and naturally a terrific deal of blood ingesting. Audiences who had been not sure about this modern retelling of Dracula can take comfort in Thompson’s appreciation for the style. With over one hundred Easter eggs to decide, eagle-eyed viewers can have a lot to attend for.