How unusual New Worlds' Khan Relative Can maintain away from Breaking Star Trek Canon

Warning! contains spoilers for Star Trek: unusual New Worlds!La’an Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong) on Star Trek: unusual New Worlds was confirmed to be a relative of Khan (Ricardo Montalbán) however her inclusion on the Starship Enterprise managed to not break Star Trek canon. unusual New Worlds picked up after 2258 and the prime of Star Trek: Discovery season 2, with Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) main the Enterprise on new missions of exploration. collectively with principal (Rebecca Romijn) and Spock (Ethan Peck), Star Trek: unusual New Worlds’ recast basic characters like a youthful Cadet Uhura (Celia Gooding) and Nurse Christine Chapel (Jess Bush). however La’an Noonien-Singh was doubtlessly a canon-breaking inclusion for unusual New Worlds as a consequence of she’s a descendant of Khan. fortuitously, La’an’s inclusion did not contradict any of the established timeline of her ancestor Khan Noonien-Singh and his impression on the universe. this is how Star Trek: unusual New Worlds featured La’an with out disrupting Star Trek canon.


The genetically-engineered Khan Noonien-Singh is arguably Star Trek’s most enduringly widespread villain, and he is thought-about the one biggest adversary Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) ever confronted. Khan was a warlord from the twentieth century who dominated a half of Earth. When his reign threatened to be toppled by the Eugenics Wars, Khan and 70 of his biologically-altered followers escaped Earth in 1996 aboard the starship Botany Bay. In Star Trek: the distinctive collection, Kirk’s Enterprise intercepted and revived Khan in 2267. Kirk’s rival Khan wasted no time in making an try to take over the starship and kill the Captain. Kirk despatched Khan and his of us to dwell on Ceti Alpha V however Starfleet was unaware that 6 months after they arrived, Ceta Alpha VI’s destruction triggered ecological devastation on Ceti Alpha V, killing most of Khan’s of us. In 2285, Khan took his revenge on Kirk by stealing the USS Reliant and the Genesis machine. although Kirk defeated Khan as quickly as as quickly as extra, it acquired here on the worth of Spock (Leonard Nimoy) sacrificing his life to save heaps of the Enterprise in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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Since La’an Noonien-Singh is certainly associated to Khan, this created a doable draw again for Star Trek: unusual New Worlds adhering to established canon, however it certainly was truly averted with out a lot problem. The current was set roughly 7-eight years earlier than Kirk meets Khan, so nobody aboard Captain Pike’s Enterprise is aware of what goes on to happen finally or that La’an is said to the damaging twentieth-century felony. La’an is aware of she’s associated to Khan – he existed 250 years earlier than her time and she or he studied his historic previous as a little one – however he is but to reemerge, so her curiosity is tutorial. Khan will not be related to her duties aboard the Enterprise in unusual New Worlds, and La’an’s lineage is simply an indicator of significance for the viewers however not the characters themselves. nonetheless, it is nonetheless unusual that unusual New Worlds would embrace Khan’s descendant amongst the numerous forged and by no means exploit it by some means. Theories advocate the current might resolve to smash canon by bringing again Khan, however as of season 1, the La’an/Khan Noonien-Singh bloodline connection is merely an consideration-grabbing backstory observe.

Spock might Have acknowledged About La’an Noonien-Singh In Star Trek: the distinctive collection

the exact tightrope Star Trek: unusual New Worlds walked was the way you presumably can construct on canon with out affecting the beloved Star Trek: the distinctive collection. Star Trek will not be like completely different franchises, and the timeline established in Gene Roddenberry’s real collection is taken under consideration sacrosanct. that is why La’an Noonien-Singh’s inclusion in a current occurring earlier than the distinctive collection raised eyebrows. in spite of all the things, Spock was stationed on the Enterprise all by means of Pike and Kirk’s period, so the question would come up about why the Vulcan by no means talked about Khan’s relative in “space Seed.” further, Khan studied the Enterprise in “space Seed” and he might want come throughout “La’an Noonien-Singh” as having served aboard the Enterprise. In Spock’s case, Star Trek: Discovery season 2 already lends an proof for the Vulcan’s potential silence. Spock is now adept at conserving secrets and techniques, even from Kirk. Spock by no means talked about the existence of Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-inexperienced), his adopted sister, to Kirk, and he modified Starfleet data regarding the USS Discovery. The Vulcan may even be preserving information of l. a.’an’s relation to Khan as properly.

Logically, even when Spock can have talked about La’an to Kirk all by means of “space Seed,” it wouldn’t have helped the Captain of the Enterprise defeat Khan. La’an does not have any particular information of Khan past what’s acknowledged to college students, and it is additionally not clear the place La’an is by the purpose of TOS since she’s now not stationed on the Enterprise. Kirk finally did not want any advice to beat Khan the biggest method the Kelvin timeline’s Spock (Zachary Quinto) sought advice from Ambassador Spock regarding the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness. What function La’an Noonien-Singh will play in Star Trek: unusual New Worlds in coming seasons and inside the larger scope of Khan’s story stays to be seen, however till the current is completely careless, it is not that tough to protect Star Trek canon.

unusual New Worlds averted Breaking Canon by means of the use of La’an Noonien-Singh Sparingly

regardless of having a relative of Khan in Starfleet being touted as an limitless deal earlier to unusual New Worlds’ debut, the current did not use La’an Noonien-Singh a lot. Her infamous ancestor additionally has nothing to do collectively with her episode arcs. Of larger significance is her information, and fear of, the Gorn. There was additionally an amusing side journey when she and Chin-Riley opted to not go on shore depart, and instead performed the sport “Enterprise Bingo” (principally a recreation of hen to see who can get away with basically the most whereas avoiding detection by superiors). By the prime of unusual New Worlds season 1, La’an has taken a depart of absence following one too many encounters with the Gorn.

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Being a Khan descendant is essential in her backstory. She was bullied for her bloodline rising up, which little question shaped her persona, however it certainly’s not related to her time in Starfleet (thus far, at the very least, on condition that she’s appeared in on-set photographs forward of season 2). Spock helps her entry hidden reminiscences to defeat the Gorn ships, however that is the extent of her interplay with any doubtlessly canon-disruptive Star Trek characters who function in unusual New Worlds. even when Spock did know that La’an bears her household title as a consequence of she’s from the Khan Noonien-Singh bloodline, there is not any set off for this to enhance an eyebrow. primarily, although, unusual New Worlds averted breaking canon with La’an Noonien-Singh as a consequence of she’s used as a supporting character — one which simply occurs to have a fame with significance elsewhere inside the Star Trek canon.


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